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Millions Support Brexit Demolition Petition | TIME ONLINE

More than five million Britons in a petition to the House of Commons call for a withdrawal from the European Union. No other petition on the website of the
Parliament has ever received so much support, reported
the British news agency PA. In the past few days was the
Side temporarily paralyzed because of the onslaught. From a number of more than 100,000 supporters, a petition in parliament must be discussed. All British citizens and residents in the UK may sign up for online petitions like these.

Rumors that even unauthorized persons petition
signed, the responsible committee rejected. 96 percent of all
Signatures were from the United Kingdom. In doing so, Britons may also vote abroad. About safety measures, the committee wanted
do not comment.

"The government keeps claiming withdrawal from the EU
 would be the 'will of the people', "reads the text of the petition
We must put an end to this claim by adding strength now
public support for remaining in the EU. "

Great Britain
 theoretically can unilaterally withdraw the declaration on leaving the EU.
In December, the European Court of Justice confirmed this possibility in a ruling. The country would remain as before a member of the EU. Even a further application for residency would not be excluded.

A retreat from the
Brexit application is considered unlikely. At the referendum in the year
 In 2016, 17.4 million Britons voted to leave the EU. Barely
a British politician wants to override it without at least
to hold a second referendum.

Great Britain should actually am
29th March from the European Union. But Prime Minister Theresa May has requested the EU to extend the deadline until the end of June. The EU countries postponed this to 12 April, but demand for further delay, that the lower house agrees to the negotiated agreement. However, the British MEPs rejected this twice. Parliament President John Bercow stopped a third vote. Theresa May also threatens a revolt of her cabinet.


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