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Midterm elections: catching up in the Hudson Valley

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When Republican John Faso speaks this morning, it is clear to everyone that he is fighting for his political survival. His opponent Antonio Delgado had parachuted into the electoral district Hudson Valley ", said the
66-year-old Faso his supporters little subtle. The Democrat is here as a voter
registered, bought a house and now expect people to take it
elected to Congress after one year. "He was never part of the church,
he just drove buses full of New York City helpers, "says
 Faso. Some nod in agreement, others shake their heads contemptuously.
"We will make a sign on Tuesday," calls her candidate. That
Delgado was born in Schenectady, a neighboring town of the 19th district
 with 65,000 inhabitants, not in New York City, John Faso conceals.

It is Friday morning, about 60 supporters of Faso are in the Inn at
Leeds, a café in the small village of Leeds, around two and a half
Hours north of New York City. There is filter coffee and
Cookies, some of the men wear army caps, also "Make America
Great Again "hats you can see, here you are under, and that's the way it should be
stay. The entrance area is decorated with large pumpkins, photos to the
Walls show the woods of the surrounding Hudson Valley. The TV is on
 dumb Fox News.
For a long time the region was reliably republican
The guests here are worried about the race in the sleepy
District of New York State has suddenly made headlines nationwide
made. Two years ago, the Republican Faso still secured the seat without
Difficulties, but next Tuesday could be a Democrat
push through. Antonio Delgado,
African American, 41 years young. The lawyer and Harvard graduate whose
Charisma a little reminiscent of a young Obama is getting ready
the blue wave past Faso. He stood in the primaries
his program, which avoids to left positions, six competitors
out, a few days before the election, he is short of the Republican

The Hudson Valley is in many ways a microcosm of America:
Small, urban centers with college students are just as much part of the district
like remote, rural villages, where the houses are far apart
stand. Many are either abandoned or in urgent need of one
Renovation. On most lawns there are signs with the names
of the candidates, in addition to those of Delgado and Faso, also those of
Candidates for other posts.

For a long time the region was reliably republican. But
since in the past years more and more people are in the hustle and bustle
have escaped high costs of the metropolis in the south and in the
The region is home to small places up here with their families
become the competitive swing district. Twice the district went to
Obama, Donald Trump prevailed two years ago. With the
Enthusiasm for Delgado, the Liberals scent their opportunity, the
Republicans to take their seats and so their prospects for a
Majority in the House of Representatives to improve.


US midterm elections

On November 6, all members of the House of Representatives and about one third of the senators will be re-elected in the US. In addition, in many states, the governor and parliamentary elections. Above all, it is about which party controls the two chambers in the US Congress, currently the Republicans in both the majority. These are the first nationwide elections since the inauguration of President Donald Trump, so indirectly an important mood test for him.

The House of Representatives

The House of Representatives – or Chamber of Deputies – is instrumental in legislating and overseeing the functions of the President. The House of Representatives attaches great importance to financial matters: every tax law and also the federal budget must pass through this chamber. In addition, only the House of Representatives can initiate impeachment proceedings against the President. The 435 deputies each represent one electoral district and are elected directly every two years.

The Senate

The Senate consists of 100 senators. Each of the 50 states is represented by two elected senators. Every two years, about one third of the Senate is re-elected. In 2018 new elections will take place in 33 states. Only one senator from each state is available for election – with the exception of Minnesota and Mississippi. There are also by-elections held.

There's a lot at stake, that's another reason why the tone has gotten worse.
The last time Faso won here with a traditional
conservative program of tax cuts and deregulation and a
skeptical distance to Trump. But now his performances remember
 even to the president. For weeks Faso travels through the district
and warns against Latin American immigration and promises
To curb food programs for the poor, which are anyway only of
"Small criminals" would be exploited. His program, wrote the magazine
 The Nation
, fit less in the green hills of the Hudson, but rather
 in a conservative district in the Bible Belt.

Short career as a rapper
But the duel brought a video to the center of attention
 Republican governing body published in September. It shows the
Democrat Delgado as a big city rapper using words like "nigger"
 and states, "God save Iraq," while images of September 11th
to run over the screen. "Antonio Delgado pretends to be one of
us. But his voice can not be ours, "it says in the end
Delgado, who years ago pursued a short hip-hop career, actually
 it sings that people have to come together
, he says
Clip as well as the rest of the line: "God bless America, God bless
 Iraq, God bless us all. "


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