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Mesut Özil: The next photo with Erdogan – Sport

  • Mesut Özil has apparently invited Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to his wedding. If the president comes, he will probably take over the office of best man at other weddings as in the past.
  • A photo taken at Istanbul's airport shows Ozil delivering a document in the presence of his fiancée Amine Gülşe Erdoğan.
  • Berlin politicians such as Cem Özdemir or Sawsan Chebli criticize the former international sharply.

From Christiane Schlotter, Istanbul

There is a room at the Istanbul Atatürk Airport where the president's emblem hangs on the wall. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan receives guests there, it is always clear who is the landlord, and the red star circle and the Turkish flag are on all photos on it. Mesut Özil, blue suit, white shirt, very slim, actually looks timid, like a good Turkish boy, as he hands over the wedding invitation to the president. Erdoğan makes a serious face. Amine Gülşe, Özil's fiancee, 25, headscarf-free, suggests a smile.

There is another election campaign in Turkey right now, and the president is the highest-ranking campaigner, who sees the "survival" of the republic in jeopardy and yet struggles above all for his own political survival. Özil is just right. The former German international is still a hero in football-crazy Turkey. The "family" photo from the airport finds its way to almost all Turkish news websites through the state agency Anadolu.

Football World Cup The boy from Gelsenkirchen alder

Resignation of Mesut Özil

The boy from Gelsenkirchen alder

Since his childhood, Mesut Özil has wanted only one thing: to play football. The fact that he, as one of the best in his sport, does not want to play in national jersey is the strange end to an escalation with many players.By Christof Kneer and Philipp Selldorf

Also in May 2018 was in Turkey election campaign, when the then national team members Mesut Özil and Ilkay Gündoğan Erdoğan in London gave their British club jerseys. Either Özil, 30, has not looked at the Turkish election calendar because he is really not interested in politics, as he once said, or he simply does not care what should be commented on now because it is worse than in the Jersey scarf can not come anymore. And after all, Özil is no longer in the German national team, so it could actually be his private affair, if he wishes Erdoğan as a guest of honor and best man at his wedding in the summer.

Unfortunately, even the private is often political, and especially people who have more than one home, often know this from their own, even bitter experience. Özil had long remained silent after the criticism last year. When he then defended himself, after the botched World Cup and a foul from the DFB, he spoke many German Turks from the heart: Özil said for DFB boss Reinhard Grindel he was "German if we win, and an immigrant when we lose ". That could be understood quite broadly, not only related to the football field. Afterwards, many people with migration history in Germany spoke about experienced and perceived discrimination.

Özil had initiated a not unimportant debate. Sawsan Chebli, SPD politician and state secretary in Berlin with Palestinian parents, said at the time: "The fact that Özil is leaving is an indictment of our country, will we ever join in? My doubts are getting bigger every day … And that hurts." Similarly expressed many German Turks. And Erdoğan also knew how to use this mood: "Patriotic" he called Özil's resignation from the national team and let know that he had comforted the FC Arsenal star by saying, "I kiss his eyes."

Trigger of the whole madness: Mesut Özil presented the Turkish President Erdogan in March 2018 a jersey of Arsenal FC.

(Photo: AFP)

Whether Erdoğan will come to the wedding of Mesut and Amine, which probably takes place in Turkey, is not known. If he does that, the football fan will certainly like to take over the office of best man, as he has already done with Arda Turan (formerly FC Barcelona, ​​now Başakşehir) or Gökhan Töre (formerly HSV, now Beşiktas Istanbul). "Everyone can invite to his wedding, whom he wants," says the Green politician Cem Özdemir. Former and active national players but would have a role model and would have to ask if they meet this, if they are for photos with "autocrats give".

Özdemir thinks that this standard also applies to record national player Lothar Matthäus or Chancellor a. D. Gerhard Schröder, "who too should be too bad to take pictures with Putin." And Chebli tweeted now, disappointed: "Ozil defended at that time … He is a role model for millions of young people, find it irresponsible."

The Turkish channel NTV was more interested on Monday, whether Özil for the wedding dress actually spend 500 000 Lira (80 000 €) would spend. This time, the fiancee said, "There's no question we're going to flaunt ourselves like this." That might have been worth considering before.

18 from 2018 A resignation with millions losers

A resignation with millions of losers

The end of Mesut Özil in the German national team is the true defeat of the 2018 World Cup. The consequences for football and society are bitter.Comment by Martin Schneider


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