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Messages of support, solidarity and struggle for humanity

Olivier Py Playwright, director, comedian and French director, director of the Avignon Festival

"It is with concern that I learn the difficulties of L & # 39; humanity. The disappearance of a newspaper of this magnitude is much more than an accounting question, it is obviously a question of democracy. At a time when rumors, fake news and populist propaganda distort republican dialogue, we need more committed journalists, but goals, which are the pride of this newspaper. I hope these difficulties are temporary and will quickly find a solution, otherwise freedom of expression would be deeply damaged in France. "

Playwright and director Xavier Durringer

"The newspaper humanity on the edge of chaos, it is finally closing an area of ​​freedom, depriving us of another look, of a counterpoint to the world. Other information I am also thinking about this space on art and culture that will disappear forever. In the profound sense of his criticisms. It condemns humanity. (This is just a slogan) !!!! It is a bad analysis. A bad joke. Surely it distorts the balance of justice. It is a part of our world that is crumbling forever. With all my support. And the tears of my friends. "

Alain Gresh Former editor-in-chief of Le Monde diplomatique, editor of the online newspaper Orient XXI

"For all those who have lived the history of our country and the world for decades, it is unthinkable, unacceptable humanity ceases to appear. This daily has marked all the battles of the last century and of this, in particular those for social justice and for the emancipation of peoples. I know, for having lived, as this newspaper has transmitted the aspiration of the peoples of the Third World to independence and national dignity. Its journalists have accompanied the Indochina people's struggle against the American war, that of southern Africa against the apartheid system, that of Latin America for true independence. humanity and its journalists are still actively contributing to the momentous struggle for justice in Palestine, against the oppression of an entire people living under a ruthless occupation. Yup, humanity must continue, plurality of media must be preserved! "

Pierre Rosanvallon From the Collège de France

"I support you in your efforts to save the newspaper.The problem is not only that of defending pluralism, evoked in a somewhat ritualistic way.If I take my support, it is because the pages are ideas and debates. humanity I have long been part of what fuels my thoughts and my questions. Count in the life of ideas. And that's why I often answered when humanity he asked me to take part in debates or to present some of my works. "

Charles Enderlin Journalist, former correspondent of France TV in Jerusalem

"At a time when large groups are increasingly controlling media and print media in particular, the struggle for pluralism of information is more urgent than ever. humanity it would be a disaster, would further reduce the right of the public to access a variety of different humanity has a prominent place For democracy, it is essential Huma to survive. "

Pierre Villepreux Former rugby and cosplay player of the XV of France

" humanity It is a popular newspaper in the world of sport. It is one of the few mainstream newspapers to be interested in something other than the simple performance prism. Cycling, by tradition, has a place of choice, but collective sports, rugby, handball to name them only, have been able to inspire large feathers but have also allowed the sportsmen to express their point of view directly. . So, I was told, the printing paper market is shrinking from day to day, but we will have to preserve the plurality of opinions that the professional press guarantees. Like in sport, to play well, you need good opponents. In this sense, humanity it's a great team that has the right to play with other titles and make a difference. "

Laurent Russier Mayor of Saint-Denis

"As mayor, as a citizen, as a communist activist, I am very attached to the pluralism of the press and the independence of the media towards large groups. L & # 39; humanity, founded in 1904 by Jean Jaurès, it has launched an appeal for general mobilization following the serious financial difficulties it has faced for several months. Readers have mobilized and raised more than one million euros to support Huma. Despite this support, the newspaper was placed under the protection of the commercial court. I give my full support to the 200 employees who work in Saint-Denis, who also live for the most part here, contributing to the local Dionysian life. self humanity it is the cessation of payments, it is above all because it suffers the complete blow of the crisis in the printing paper. In an unstable world, where the points of reference are confused, the false news is spreading, the media are experiencing a crisis of trust, we need more than ever a critical press, of quality, attentive to rigor and enlightened and contradictory debates . We need a newspaper with no publicity, independent of the big groups, which is committed alongside workers, popular circles and progressive intellectuals. I invite the state to support even more humanity and all the media, without advertising, to guarantee the conditions of a real autonomy of democratic debates. I invite all citizens interested in an independent, assertive, progressive and enlightened press to support L & # 39; humanity. "

Jean-Pierre Siméon Dramaturge, poet, director of the collection of poems by Gallimard

"At a time when, to avert the quarrelsome and indiscreet character of the art that always seeks, when it does not betray itself, noon at 2 pm and shameful truth under the flashy appearances of the current, we have taken the bad habit of mix it with entertainment of all kinds in the great pot of the cultural industry, we need artists, writers, the public, more than ever, of the critical places that separate the true the false.They are making these places increasingly rare. of culture of humanity I am one of the last, obstinately, courageously. The proof: it is the only national newspaper I know that regularly dedicates entire pages to poetry … humanity disappeared, it would be for all creators a defeat and the loss of a free space in which their work is heard, discussed, considered for what it's worth: a reading of reality without equivalents. "

Johanna Rolland Mayor of Nanyours

"All my support for the newspaper L & # 39; humanity. I am very attached to the fact that the French media landscape is based on the diversity of points of view. the Huma it is a pillar of the left press to preserve and support. "

Founder of Lucien Attoun Open Theater

"Such ashumanitycan he die when, after having gone through a long period of confusion and historical errors, his journalist activists have found the traces left by its founder, Jean Jaurès? Today, your newspaper is one of the few in France to constantly defend the ideas of social justice, the solidarity it requires, without falling into a secular prêchi-prêcha that we had known and who is now dressed in sweaters of all colors. This necessary lucidity in the indispensably shared struggle democratically does not prohibit humor, diversity, in the news, relying on the inevitable rigor of daily information. "

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