Meghan Markle’s father will testify in court against her in the “trial of the century”

Meghan Markle could face her father in the witness box if he testifies against her in what could be the “judgment of the century.”

In October, the Duchess of Sussex took legal action against Mail on Sunday for her decision to publish a very personal letter she wrote for her father.

But the separated father and daughter seem to be in a collision course after reports that the newspaper enrolled Meghan’s father, Thomas Markle, as his star witness.

The Mail on Sunday will argue that there is great public interest in the personal relationships of members of the royal family as part of their defense, according to court documents.

The Duchess of Sussex could face her father in the witness box

The newspaper also says that royalty members “rely on publicity about themselves and their lives to maintain the privileged positions they have.”

In February, Mail on Sunday published excerpts from Meghan’s handwritten letter to her separated father Thomas Markle.

In an excerpt, published by the newspaper, the Duchess wrote: “His actions have broken my heart into a million pieces, not simply because he has made an unnecessary and unjustified pain, but by making the decision not to tell the truth as is. puppet in this. Something I will never understand. “

Meghan’s lawyers filed a Superior Court complaint against the newspaper and its parent company, Associated Newspapers, for the alleged misuse of private information.

But in its legal defense, the newspaper claims that the duchess “did not have a reasonable expectation of privacy that the content of the letter was private and would continue to be so,” according to the BBC.

It arrives only 24 hours after the Queen agreed that Harry and Meghan could go back as royals.

It occurs only 24 hours after the Queen agreed that Harry and Meghan could step back as members of royalty and start a “new life” as an “independent” family.

Buckingham Palace also confirmed that the Sussex would begin a “transition period” in which they would divide their time between the United Kingdom and Canada, where the Duchess is currently with her son Archie.

Markle was involved in a controversy in the preparation of the 2018 wedding after he allegedly organized paparazzi photographs of himself and then began commenting regularly on the TMZ entertainment website about his contact with his daughter.

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Meghan and Harry ‘back off’ from real life

When the legal action was announced in October, Harry claimed that the alleged illegal publication of the private letter was “intentionally destructive” to “manipulate” the readers.

In a statement released at the time, a spokeswoman for the law firm Schillings said the “intrusive” publication of the letter was part of the Associated Newspaper campaign to write “false and deliberately derogatory stories about” Meghan, “as well as about her husband”.

But the Mail on Sunday said it would support the story and refused to edit the letter to change its meaning.


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