Meghan Markle News: The Duchess and Harry “are not welcome” while angry Canadians turn against Sussexes | Real | News

The country’s main newspaper, Globe and Mail, condemned the couple, claiming that Canada “is not an intermediate house” for royalty. Last week, the world was surprised to learn that Meghan and Harry had chosen to move away from the life of the royal family. They said they intended to spend half of their year in North America and the other half in the United Kingdom.

However, his decision was met with a violent reaction, according to the Daily Mirror.

In a column in the Canadian newspaper, the newspaper said the country was not there for anyone “looking to leave Britain while still being a member of royalty.”

They described the couple’s plan to move as “lazy and evolving.”

The article said that this was not “something that Canada can allow.”

The article adds: “But the unique monarchy of this country, and its delicate but essential place in our constitutional system, means that a real resident, the prince is the sixth in the line of succession, is not something that Canada can allow.

“Break a tacit constitutional taboo.

“Princes are not sent here when you cannot find useful tasks for them on the other side of the Atlantic.

“Canada welcomes people of all religions, nationalities and races, but if you are an important member of our royal family, this country cannot become your home.”

JUST IN: ‘Toxic NIGHTMARE’ for Queen while Meghan and her father fight in court

Sources have said that Prince Harry wanted the opportunity to get on his side before the family decided on the Sussex future at the Sandringham Summit this week.

The queen met with Prince Harry, William and Charles to discuss Sussex’s plea.

It was agreed that the couple could move away after the Sandringham summit.

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