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The followers of the American praised her on social networks, sharing a screenshot that the former Duke and Duchess of Sussex took from the Queen’s statement that obtained more than 400,000 likes. An avid fan, referring to the Queen, 93, said: “Yes! He finally recognized how WONDERFUL Meghan has been! Thank you! “Another added:” That is your trip. Be happy, be peaceful. “

A third said: “I look forward to your future efforts!”

Another added: “I am so sad, so sad that your family could not be embraced with love and acceptance by the media and the UK press.

“This comes from the US, where we loved what you and your family represented for all of us.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will put aside their RHS styles and become known as Harry, Duke of Sussex, and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex.

The followers of the Americans praised her on social networks (Image: GETTY)


Former American actress Meghan Markle became SAR the Duchess of Sussex after saying her vows. (Image: GETTY)

The change will take effect in the spring, as the couple will no longer be working on royalty.

Although they will not use their RHS, they will retain them.

Harry, who was born prince of Wales, is still a prince. He has been designated an HRH since birth.

His grandmother, the queen, gave him the title of Duke of Sussex the morning of his wedding.

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Another added: “That is your trip. Be happy, be peaceful.” (Image: GETTY)

Former American actress Meghan Markle became SAR the Duchess of Sussex after saying her vows.

Buckingham Palace said in a statement on Saturday: “The Sussex will not use their RHS titles since they are no longer active members of the Royal Family.”

In the declaration of the Queen that sanctions her new life earlier this week, the monarch referred to the couple not at the beginning by their official titles.

This was taken as the first clue as to what might be in the store, with commentators questioning whether there is a possibility that the couple will lose their RHS style, and even their real titles.

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The change will take effect in the spring as the couple will no longer be working on royalty. (Image: GETTY)

His son, Archie Mountbatten-Windsor, is not a SAR – nor a prince – since he is too far in the line of succession of the monarch.

Harry and Meghan could have used the Earl of Dumbarton courtesy title for him, or had the right to be Lord Archie Mountbatten-Windsor.

But they made the personal decision to make him a simple Master, most likely inspired by Harry’s desire to have been a normal child, rather than a prince, as he grew up.

However, Archie will be entitled to be SAR and prince when the Prince of Wales accesses the throne, although Harry and Meghan will surely not opt ​​for this now.


The palace issued the statement (Image: GETTY)

Harry’s mother was stripped of her RHS style and her title of Princess of Wales, becoming Diana, Princess of Wales after her divorce from the Prince of Wales in 1996.

The former wife of the Duke of York, who was SAR the Duchess of York, became Sarah, Duchess of York after separating.

The abdicated Eduardo VIII became Duke of Windsor and finally married the divorced American Wallis Simpson while he was exiled in France in 1937, and none of the royal family attended.

But he maintained his RHS style.


Harry is sixth in the line of the throne. (Image: GETTY)

A patent of letters of his brother, the new King George VI, decreed that Edward “having been born in linear succession to the Crown” should have “the right to own and enjoy the title of style or attribute of Royal Highness”.

Mrs. Simpson became the Duchess of Windsor, but she was never allowed to adopt the style of Her Royal Highness, as the George VI letter patent prohibited her.


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