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by Sebastian Asmus and Carsten Pilger

Rebecca R. has been missing from Berlin-Britz since 18 February and since then hardly a day goes by without the media reporting extensively on the case. Although 1,500 clues have been received by the police and hundreds of beagles and helicopters have repeatedly searched for the student with extensive media coverage, missing out on every trace of her. The police assume that the girl is no longer alive. Rebecca & # 39; s brother-in-law is in custody as a suspect. He is quiet. Rebecca & # 39; s family believes in his innocence, repeatedly confirms this to the media and repeatedly gives different channels, newspapers and magazines an insight into their lives.

Media spectacle after Rebecca's disappearance


Whether it is a processed photo of missing persons or unpainted images of the suspect – report on the missing Rebecca R. collect crimes from the media.

Search with misleading photo

The family has given the police a photo to look for Rebecca. This photo is ubiquitous in the cover. And with the publication of this wild photo has a criticism of the handling of the media used with the case, to sue more and more obvious errors and omissions.

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Some media would use the parents' emotional state of emergency as a permit and as a gateway to far-reaching fate stories, says Marlis Prinzing, professor of Media Ethics.

The photo is from Rebecca & # 39; s Instagram account. Rebecca has digitally edited it herself, changed her appearance with a so-called "face filter", just like many girls her age do in smartphone apps. She has widened her eyes, made her lips fuller, her cheekbones narrower, her skin smoother. From the actual appearance, the photo is very far away, so far that Rebecca is probably not recognized on the street. For Marlis Prinzing, professor of media ethics, the continued use of the photo is a major failure of the media: "An edited photo from Instagram is not at all useful for searching for missing persons because it does not reflect reality, and I am looking for that person in reality. "Also put the photo, according to Prinzing," a subtext to a possible Lolita story in the neighborhood ".

Unpixeled suspect

In addition to Rebecca's mugshot, the Berlin police published more photos about the case. Among them are three so-called mugshots, so police photos of Rebecca's brother-in-law. He was home alone with her before she disappeared. In the photos & # 39; s the brother-in-law is not blurred, not pixelated. An unusual approach, because the suspect is not being sought. He's already in custody. The police say they hope the photo will reveal witnesses who have looked at Rebecca's brother-in-law at the time of the crime or afterwards.

Presumption of innocence

However, some media regard this as an opportunity to present the brother-in-law as a suspect culprit, broad details of private and professional life. For the association of defense lawyers in Berlin the attention in this case goes to & # 39; the presumption of innocence of the suspect feet and are impressed by a drive yacht in live ticker mode & # 39 ;. His president Stefan Conen sees the suspect's reputation ruined, even if it turns out not to be guilty: "What is being done there, which is unlikely to make up for the later report."

Exploited extreme situation of the parents

In the meantime, hoping to get Rebecca alive again, the family opens the door for many reporters. Many media use this for tragedy journalism, show crying family members, report on suspicions and theories of parents about the disappearance of their daughter. ZAPP has asked SAT.1 why they are no longer reluctant to report. The answer: "SAT.1 reports extensively and in accordance with journalistic principles about the matter because of the public interest and the great interest of our viewers"The police advise the family on restraint, the family criticizes the investigation, publicly embrace the suspect." Marlis Prinzing believes the media is abusing the plight of the parents "this emotional state of emergency as a permit and as a gateway to tell a big fate story".

Some media claim that the family has opened the door for them and are defending their coverage: RTL has notified ZAPP in writing: "We are closely aligned with the Reusch family, meet their desire for restraint in our reporting, and therefore still have a very good relationship with the family. "

Also the "Bunte", who spoke for a homestory with Rebecca's mother, says: "The family hopes that Rebecca will be found alive, but is afraid that she will not be recognized by the previously published images. In close consultation with the family, Bunte decided to conduct and print the interview. "

Reporters at every police action

Not only with the family, the journalists are almost daily, every media search is also accompanied by a media pilot. Also included are public media. The freelance rbb reporter Michael Lietz has repeatedly reported on searches, but does so under circumstances other than colleagues from the gossip journalism: "The colleagues are already under a little more pressure, there are people speculating about whether or not the crowd is being led by the hearse. "

The media hunt for Rebecca R. continues. The girl was not found until the editorial deadline.

More information

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Between the police and the media there are & # 39; behavioral principles & # 39; agreed for cooperation – now 25 years ago. Not everyone seems to know them, as recent incidents show.

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The police press work is suspected of being politically controlled, blind in the right eye, too reserved or far too sensational.

The first: Panorama

26.03.2009 22:00 clock

The first: Panorama

Clearly and clearly the parents of the "Bild" newspaper had refused: after the tragic death of her daughter no photo should be published. The journalists didn't mind that.

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