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A fire has burned the Bintang supermarket

A fire in Seminyak, Kuta, Bali, on Thursday, January 16, burned eleven buildings, including the Bintang supermarket.

There have been no deaths reported in the incident.

A large fire burned the famous Bintang supermarket in the region. A security guard at a supermarket that witnessed the fire said the fire started from the back of the building at 2.30 p.m.

The fire quickly widened because the two-story supermarket door was closed. In just 15 minutes, the fire destroyed all the stores on the first floor. The fire continued to expand until the building burned to the second floor, which was the supermarket office.

Because the fire department had not yet reached the site, the extinction was difficult. As a result, the fire spread rapidly and passed through the shops and cafes located next to the store.

The fire finally died out after 19 units of fire trucks were deployed from Badung and Denpasar. “It is believed that the fire originated in a pharmacy on the first floor,” said the head of the Kuta Criminal Investigation Unit, Iptu Putu Ika Prabawa.

He said there were no victims in the incident. However, financial losses were estimated at Rp50billion.

Source: iNews

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