Marine Le Pen defends himself after making a gesture of rallying white supremacists


Marine Le Pen during his trip to Estonia. – Hendrik Osula / AP / SIPA

Marine Le Pen had a picture taken Tuesday in
Estonia with a radical party activist
local extreme right Ekre, cliché on which the two officials make a familiar sign of the white supremacists, whose president of the RN said ignore the meaning. "I made a selfie at his request with a sign, for me, of" ok ". I was informed that this sign could have another meaning. As soon as I became aware of it, I immediately demanded that (the photo) be removed "from the militant's Facebook account, Marine Le Pen explained.

On the photograph, the two leaders form a circle with the thumb and forefinger, the other three fingers raised. A well-known figure of underwater divers to mean "ok", this hand position has since been picked up by supporters of the superiority of the white race in the United States. The killer of Christchurch (New Zealand), Brenton Tarrant, also made this sign when he was indicted after killing 51 worshipers in mosques.

A Finno-Ugric supremacist

The photo, erased since, appeared on the Facebook account of the activist, Ruuben Kaalep, who appears on his Twitter account as a Finno-Ugric supremacist. Marine Le Pen's move to Estonia is part of a European tour to support RN allies in Europe to form a large group with her Italian ally Matteo Salvini, following the May 26 European elections.

The Ekre party, which made headlines for people convicted of acts of violence and neo-Nazi sympathizers, made a breakthrough in the March 3rd legislative elections. He has been in the centrist-led government Juri Ratas since April 24, but has no MEPs.