Many violations were found in "Crosses-2" society


Moscow, August 8 – AIF-Moscow.

Valery Maksimenko, deputy head of the headquarters of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia, said that many violations have been discovered in the pre-war detention center of St. Petersburg, known as Kresty-2, reports RIA Novosti.

It was previously reported that in prison some prisoners knock evidence of others for money. Checks are performed on these messages. Today the provisional detention center is visited by the Ombudsman for St. Petersburg.

According to Maksimenko, the situation in Kresty-2 is really unpleasant – many violations have been revealed. For example, in the pre-trial detention center they did not keep records of prisoners: who they transferred, where and for what reason. In one cell can be convicted and not convicted, which is a violation of the law.

Moreover, they found a telephone in the detention center. Maksimenko said that department employees who wore the phone and planted "uncomfortable" prisoners to the criminals could be guilty of violations. He noted that there is an acute staff shortage in the pre-trial detention center, but & # 39; this is a weak excuse & # 39 ;.

& # 39; The softest thing you can say is that this prison is a mess. Very often, violations are now revealed. There are many violations, & # 39; Maksimenko said and added that all materials are being transferred to investigators.