Madalyn Davis’s mother hits the trolls who attacked the model who died

The mother of a British tourist who died after she fell off a cliff in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, lashed out at cruel trolls mocking her daughter’s death.

Madalyn Davis, 21, tragically died in the Diamond Bay Reserve in the affluent suburb of Vaucluse around 6.30 a.m. on Sunday.

The Instagram model had been at a party when she and seven friends decided to head to the cliffs in the early hours of the morning to take a picture.

But his fateful search for a photo has been criticized online, and comments were left on his latest Instagram post calling his last act “stupid.”

Rebecca Smith, Mrs. Davis’s mother, rushed in defense of her daughter and told the trolls that her daughter “had made a tragic mistake and did not deserve to die.”

“My daughter was not obsessed with herself, she was a beautiful and wonderful person who made a mistake,” she wrote on Instagram.

“How can you write those things? He has a little sister and a brother who read this. ”

Ms. Smith also posted a series of photos in her Instagram stories that included a message for those who had left hurtful comments.

In one post, he mocked the trolls and wrote: “She always wanted to be famous, so thanks to the trolls, you’re making this happen.”

As part of her tribute, Ms. Smith shared that her daughter had delighted to generate controversy, as this helped to grow her profile.

“Maddy once said the first time she was trolled‘ Mom, this is a good thing. The more people comment, the better my profile will be.

“Then fill your boots, nasty people. You are the one who has to sleep with yourself at night.

“Madalyn was loved. He had integrity and decency. If you need to believe otherwise to feel better about yourself, then that is your pain.

“I wish you to recover from any trauma that has led you to behave in this way.”

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Friends have also left comments on Ms. Davis’s latest Instagram post saying that the accident left them disconsolate.

“What happened to Maddy was a mistake and nobody should be blamed, especially her,” Meg Feather wrote on her Instagram account, adding that “she didn’t deserve it.”

Another said: “No one needs to comment on nasty or hurtful comments on their page, they just lost their LIFE. It is so cruel to see it. You should be completely ashamed of yourself.

“To all who make rude comments, just stop,” another begged.

His sudden death has shocked many, including ex-boyfriend Kory Dargue, who turned to Instagram before to share an emotional post that detailed their relationship.

“Rises, low, left, rights … our relationship was practically a cheat code for Grand Theft Auto … but we always got over it … and we did it all together,” he wrote on Instagram.

“Thank you for the best years of my life. A house, a car, a dog (like) a trip on skii, all parties and festivals and, obviously, the best vacation of all mankind … Disney lands in Florida. “

Many described Davis as a “talented” makeup artist after hearing the news.

“What a beautiful soul, you loved living life to the fullest, you were one of the prettiest people, the most beautiful! we’ll miss you so much, they really took you too soon, “wrote one on Facebook.

The last photo of the model taken alive has also been shared on the social media platform. She shows her smiling while surrounded by friends in a Bondi Beach bar.

“Words cannot describe how much this hurts right now. I love you and thinking of you Rebecca Smith (Madalyn’s mother) my heart is broken, “said another friend on Instagram.

Another said: “Good news, I hope they are taking care of you up there.”

Ms. Davis, who was from Lincoln in the United Kingdom, had traveled through Thailand and Bali in recent weeks before arriving in Australia, according to her social media accounts.

“It only takes six weeks for me to go out for my trips and everything I’ve worked, done and what I’ve been through will be worth it,” he told his 14,000 Instagram followers on September 30.

On December 14, he wrote: “I didn’t look back at my previous life (although I miss my job) and I’m super excited about my future abroad.”

In other tributes published on social networks, friend Tommaso Fabri, from Newcastle, said: “I am completely destroyed … I was going to organize to go to Sydney to see them, I would never have thought it would happen.” She has such a beautiful soul x “.

Paris Lynn replied: “So sad is not so. These things do not happen.”

“RIP Maddie,” said Kelsie Fowler.

Georgia Perry, also of Lincoln in the United Kingdom, shared a post that said: “Those who died yesterday had plans for this morning. And those who died this morning had plans for tonight. Don’t take life for granted … you may never have that opportunity again. “

The Waverley Council, on its website, says the reserve has “excellent views over dramatic cliffs.”

Hundreds of Google reviews have been written for coastal cliffs that are popular for people who want to take selfies and wedding photos.

Comments include: “Now they have blocked the best part, but you can still get some beautiful photos of the route on foot”, “I took photos before the wedding here … BUT you must be very careful” and “be careful, it is not the safest place in the world. “

Marine Rescue NSW said the emergency services were called Sunday morning “after a group of people taking photos inside the fence … they met and couldn’t find the woman.”

Nine reported that Davis had left a party with friends on Sunday at Rose Bay.

The images obtained by several television networks show a group of people walking on a nearby road on Sunday morning before climbing a fence in the popular and picturesque place.

A member of the group looks over the edge before everyone disappears from view.

NSW police told that an investigation was under way.

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