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Macron promises "no deal" if British MPs reject new deal

Emmanuel Macron, March 19, 2019 in Paris. – Liewig Christian-POOL / SIPA

On arriving at the EU summit in Brussels, French President Emmanuel Macron warned that if the agreement on
Brexit by the British deputies "we would go to a no deal".

"In case of negative vote, then we would go to a" no deal ". We all know it. And it's essential to be clear in such moments, "said the president on Thursday. "If there is no positive vote (in the House of Commons), then we will go in the direction of a no deal," said Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Betel.

A "technical extension"

Theresa May went to the European summit to ask for a postponement of Brexit for three months, to allow the British parliament to ensure an orderly transition. Emmanuel Macron, echoing other European leaders, said a short "technical extension" was possible, if British MPs vote in favor of the exit agreement negotiated with the European Union, an agreement
that they have already rejected twice.

The British prime minister said she wanted "as soon as possible" to again submit to the deputies the treaty of withdrawal.



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