Home news «Louvre Abu Dhabi» .. Million of visitors in the first year

«Louvre Abu Dhabi» .. Million of visitors in the first year

The Louvre Abu Dhabi announced on the occasion of its first anniversary that it had received over one million visitors during its first year, placing it on the list of leading cultural institutions in the world.

"A year ago we presented a gift from the emirate to the world and today we are proud to have participated with more than a million visitors," said Mohammed Khalifa Al Mubarak, head of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Abu Dhabi . The Louvre Abu Dhabi has become a favorite of residents and visitors. "" Moreover, our strong collaboration with our French and regional partners supports the mission of the museum to tell international stories that unite and unite in the showrooms. The greatest success of Al Mubarak, "that took 10 years of hard work, is the establishment of the next generation of Emiratis, specializing in museums, who have been trained to the highest standards in the world of culture and become leaders in their field."

Residents and residents of the UAE together make up 40% of the total number of visitors to the museum who quickly embraced the museum and made it their favorite destination to spend time with family and friends. Emiratis are among the two most popular visitors to the museum and are among the most visited.

The Louvre Abu Dhabi has also become a global attraction for visitors and tourists who have reached 60% of the visitors.The museum has become a destination and a landmark that promotes tourism in the emirate.Inc visitors from all over the world come from the Middle East, Europe and Asia. The largest markets are: France, Germany, China, the United Kingdom, the United States, India and the Gulf States. India topped the list of visitors, in terms of residents and tourists. The museum organized more than 1,000 school trips and concerts with more than 400 artists from 22 countries.

It is also remarkable that 47% of the staff of the museum are Emiratis and a team of talented Emirati museum curators work on the formation of the museum collection.

We are lucky

"We are fortunate enough to have all the treasures that we gather under the dome of the famous museum on the island of Saadiyat," says Manuel Rabattier, director of the Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum. "We are also very pleased with the many visitors who have discovered this global dialogue.On the one hand, our collaboration with many of our partners and the best museum experts in the world have enabled us to show beautiful works of art. the museum is a new museum in the region ».

4 international exhibitions

Since its opening on 11 November 2017, the museum has held four international exhibitions: "From Louvre to another: creating a museum for everyone", "The world with a spherical image", "Inspired by Japan: pioneers of modern art" and "Masterpieces on the effects of Saudi Arabia through the ages", together with "Kolab", an exhibition of four artists in the United Arab Emirates, collaborated with four French factories, as well as exhibitions Children's museum suitable for the whole family ».

Universal cutting

The Louvre Abu Dhabi has announced the acquisition of 11 world-class items, including new loans from 13 French partner institutions and regional and international museums. As part of the museum's first major museum change, in collaboration with French partner museums, the museum has recently renovated exhibitions in modern and contemporary art galleries, updated the display of pieces and added 40 new works of art that visitors can discover.

«Technical way»

In February 2018, the Louvre launched the award-winning Art Road, the world's first art exhibition on a global highway that travels 100 kilometers across the Dubai-Abu Dhabi motorway. The drivers were able to listen to a detailed explanation of each work of art through specific waves on the radio as they passed by the paintings shown.

The Louvre has acquired 11 world-class pieces and new loans from 13 international museums and museums.

«Louvre Abu Dhabi» to establish the next generation of Emirates specializing in museums.


From the total visitors from the country.


A school trip was organized.


An artist from 22 countries presented events.


Employees of the museum are nationals of the UAE.


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