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The music is not where it used to be. We have them out of theirs
taken square rims to rip them, then on minidiscs,
File exchanges and iPods uploaded. Today, umpteen
Technology generations later, billions of titles fly in
Internet around; free, democratic, constantly available and almost
lossless compressed. Digitization has connections
capped, old order criteria hardly seem to work anymore. To her
music becomes consumable in hectic times, music is long gone
Algorithmically presorted and thematically packed – for all
possible whims, times of the day and life situations.

Who as a paying Spotify user clicks the Browse button, the
offers the Swedish streaming service a catalog
Soundscapes and music become living landscapes, the dozens
are described as Ikea kitchen modules. He finds playlists too
Getting up, showering and singing in the car on the way to the office.
Digital mixtapes for newly abandoned (Alone Again), from
Life annoyed (Life Sucks) or dog-hairdo (Pet Spa).
Rhythmic accompaniment to a leisurely stroll (Walk like a
), concentrated work (Beats to think to), For
particularly effective fitness sessions (Beast Fashion) and the food
with friends (optional Perfect Italian. Mellow. Intimate or just dinner).

With the promise, users the perfect soundtrack for everyone
Spotify their everyday life, Spotify founder Daniel Ek
and his team made some years ago, the world market too
conquer. It seems to work. Even if music lovers who appreciate the streaming service as an almost inexhaustible search engine,
consider the thematic playlisting to be terribly mainstream.

Average listeners do not browse

When Spotify's first version appeared in 2007, it was similar to
User interface early music exchanges like Napster, And even though Spotify was license-based right from the beginning and thus legal, it soon made an astonishingly big impression and impressed us by then
unprecedented speed. That after a while anyway
difficult to attract more users, according to Spotify's product director Gustav Söderström
because fewer and fewer people were willing to go online
to search for music. While nerds and niche listeners continue for
would like to pay for the mere access to data
Average consumer today seems simply the right mix:
musical convenience food, digital fetish hits and cuddly rock compilations.

"By constantly reducing what we are still willing to do,
Usability becomes a limitation, "wrote Tim Wu
Recently in the New York Times, Especially in the high-tech sector is the
Fighting for the easiest handling long ago to fight for
Become market shares. Powered by the power of habit and
the logic of growth, lead our preference for everything convenient
a kind of economic spiral of violence: "The simpler it is, Amazon
to use, the more time we spend on the platform – and
the operation seems to us to be easier. "Comfort is no longer a bonus, but has long been a must-have.
Every successful tech company seems to be working
Constantly on more efficient, user-friendly features.

Spotify's most important investment in ease of use was the acquisition of Echo Nest in 2014. The
American Music Intelligence Platform had turned out to be
Research project founded at MIT Media Lab and on the digital
Specializing in music cognition. In Soderstrom's words
The acquisition brought the best developers in the field of
Music categorization with Spotify's data together to collaborate on
"most significant and largest playlisting system in history"
to build. A year earlier, Spotify already had the
Online platform Tuningo bought the playlists for certain
Generated moods and activities of everyday life. With Tuningo
They took over 20 music editors, since then the team grows
the "curators" resistant. To give the offer a human touch
In addition to experts, Spotify relies on crowdsourcing – and
always invents stranger features.


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