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Lonzo Ball says that LaMelo Ball are & # 39; eighth grade & # 39; dunkpackage has: & # 39; Little fingertip dunks

The budding brother rivalry between Lonzo, LiAngelo and LaMelo Ball has been nice, she back on the Facebook series Ball In the Family by the Ball family and this week's episode was no exception.

During a conversation at the dining table, the subject of LaMelo & # 39; s dunks came to the fore and Lonzo was offended by the idea that his younger brother was as good as a dunker the way he was at that age:

Lonzo: "His dunk package is not good. That was just like my eighth class dunks … little fingertip dunks."

LaMelo called and agreed, and to his great surprise, he absolutely disagreed:

Lonzo: "Yes, isn't your dunk package like mine in eighth grade?"

LaMelo: "No, it's just like your junior year. Because you weren't dunkin, you just took my fun … Every time I dunk, I laid my [expletive] in the edge. "

LaMelo did not start to thunder until his second season at the Chino Hills High School, but now he is submerging almost everything and is even longer than his two older brothers.

He may not have been the dunker that Lonzo was in high school, but with sufficient exercise and strength training, he could be a better dunker in the near future than he was. If he can figure out everything else, he will be a great player on the next level.


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