Live updates of the National University Soccer Championship game

LSU begins to find its rhythm

The crime of LSU is inevitable. Eventually, it catches everyone, even a defensive unit as boasted as Clemson’s.

The Tigers’ offense reached its seventh game unit, with catcher Justin Jefferson finally getting involved. It wasn’t without controversy, either. Edwards-Helaire broke a good run down the sideline, thanks to an ingenious turning movement, after a Burrow finish. But the repetition showed that his hand seemed to touch out of bounds. LSU quickly ran a play so Clemson could not challenge, and LSU scored two plays later in the second touchdown of Ja’Marr Chase’s game.

It just fit with a dime covered on the disk. With 5:19 until halftime, he has a touchdown on the ground and two pitching scores, with LSU leading 21-17.

Chase is open

Burrow found Chase for 16 yards on the first play of the drive before hitting him for another deep ball, this was not a touchdown but a play that went for 56 yards and put LSU at the door. Using his legs this time with an empty field, Burrow took advantage of the blow in a designed quarterback race and found the final zone to keep up with Clemson’s pace and cut his lead to three, 17-14.

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