Home news "Let people see the report if they want it" | TIME ONLINE

"Let people see the report if they want it" | TIME ONLINE

US President Donald Trump has criticized the work of the Russia special investigator Robert Mueller and has also spoken out for the publication of its final report. "Let people see the report if they want it," Trump said.

Mueller is expected to hand over the final report to Justice Minister Bill Barr shortly. He is not obliged to publish it. However, the pressure on him is high to do it. The Senate declared Barr justice minister in February after Trump had forced his predecessor Jeff Sessions to resign.

Since May 2017, Mueller is investigating alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election campaign in favor of the current president as well as possible collusion between the Trump election campaign team and Moscow. He was FBI director under Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

The US President has repeatedly condemned Mueller's investigations and referred to as a witch hunt. In front of the journalists again trump denied illegal collusion Russia,

He described his victory in the presidential election in November 2016 as "one of the largest" in US history. Mueller, however, is a "man from nowhere" without support in the people. He "never got a single vote" and now write a report. "Explain that to me, because my voters do not understand it, and I do not understand it," added Trump.


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