Last moments of the head of the Mexican cartel ‘La Catrina’ filmed after the police shooting

A notorious cartel boss called “Dame of Death” from Mexico was killed after a police shooting.

The video seems to show the last moments of the murderous woman, who is believed to be María Guadalupe López Esquivel, also known as ‘La Catrina’.

The 21-year-old collapses behind a wall after being shot in the neck. His face and clothes are covered in blood.

An armed officer can be heard telling Esquivel to calm down and relax.

He says: “Calm down, dear. The helicopter is coming for you.

“It’s coming. Easy, easy, you’ll be fine. Try to hold on.”

‘La Catrina’ is seen being carried by a soldier after being shot in the neck

Esquivel was reportedly involved in an attack on Friday against the army, national guard and police in La Bocanda, in the central state of Michoacán.

State authorities said they captured six armed men and killed a woman after the group opened fire on soldiers and police.

Mexican forces captured seven other cartel members during the raid.

It was suspected that the young ‘La Catrina’ was one of the main figures of the Kalisco New Generation Poster, and was seen posting dangerous weapons on social networks.

In another video, ‘La Catrina’ injured is seen being carried by a soldier while seven other gang members have their hands cuffed behind their backs while waiting for a helicopter to take her to the hospital.

‘La Catrina’ died of blood loss in the hospital a short time later.

Maria Guadalupe Lopez Esquivel showed her weapons on social networks

The 21-year-old cartel chief was shot in the neck and died in a hospital.

The officials did not provide the identity of the woman.

But a tattoo of the skeletal female figure ‘Catrina’ on the woman on the thigh of the stretcher suggested that she was Esquivel.

The eight colleagues on the cartel were identified as Alejandra, Everardo, Brayan, Juan Carlos, Octavio, Pedro and Alejandro, according to local media reports.

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Police also confiscated 10 firearms with ammunition and several vehicles during a raid.


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