Lakers & # 39; Lonzo Ball and Lance Stephenson have released a rap song together


The only way the Los Angeles Lakers season can be even more embarrassing is when Lonzo Ball and Lance Stephenson have released a rap song together. Oh wait …

Ah yes. Get soaked. (Is that correct?)

With Lonzo on the shelf with an injury and Lance on his hands for some time during the All-Star break, these Lakers hit the studio together to drop this masterpiece and every LA fan was pumped up the rest of the season as the team pushes for the play-offs.

It is legitimate. Here a look at the album covers.

It actually has a solid flow, but it's just hard to imagine that these guys are meaningfully spouting prose about a song, given what we know about them. Lonzo is the oldest son of LaVar Ball, who still makes bizarre claims to as many media as possible and Lance is an absolute goofball on the field.

Perhaps these guys have worked hard to get quality time together in the midst of the rumors of the Anthony Davis trade, because according to rumors both were in the trade package for the Pelikans superstar.

Don't count on LeBron to blow this tune in the dressing room. The 28-29 Lakers need more motivation than