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Köthen in Saxony-Anhalt – mourning and rushing

After the death of a man on Sunday, 2500 people demonstrate, including hundreds of rights. Also on Monday will be demonstrated. One of the suspects should have been deported.

From Veronika Wulf, Berlin

After a so-called funeral march on Sunday evening in Köthen, the police are investigating demonstrators. About 2,500 people took to the streets in Saxony-Anhalt because a 22-year-old man had died the day before after an argument with two Afghans. Now the police are ten charges for insulting, incitement, violations of the right of assembly and a simple attack against a press representative. The Regional Police Director of Saxony-Anhalt, Christiane Bergmann, said at a press conference on Monday at the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Magdeburg.

For another "funeral march" in Köthen on Monday evening, who had registered an AFD MP, collected according to the police to 550 people. They traveled through the city center to the playground where the dispute had arisen. There a wreath of the AfD Saxony-Anhalt was deposited in memory of the deceased. Among the participants were AfD fraction party leader Oliver Kirchner and ex-chef André Poggenburg. According to the Minister of the Interior of Saxony-Anhalt, Holger Stahlknecht (CDU), there were several hundred police officers on the ground. According to the police, the elevator was "largely trouble-free".

The death of the young man in Köthen had caused national outrage because many citizens, not least in the social media, had parallels with the case in Chemnitz. A German Cuban had been stabbed there two weeks ago; two asylum seekers are in custody and a third suspect is sought internationally. Several civilians had demonstrated, neo-nazi & # 39; s and hooligans were deployed. Chemnitz conditions wanted to occur in Köthen. That is why Minister of the Interior asked Holger Stahlknecht repeatedly for caution. On Monday he said in Magdeburg that he understood the people's concerns. One should not put everyone under general suspicion to be right-radical. At the same time, everything is done in such a way that "dismay" continues to exist. In the social media would often like to judge quickly.

According to Stahlknecht, "400 to 500 people from the legal scene" participated in the funeral march on Sunday. David Köckert, the head of the right-wing Thügida movement, was also in Köthen. Not 24 hours after the death of 22-year-old Markus B., he spoke in a speech against an alleged "slaughter of the German people" and spoke of a "racial war against the German people".

It is not only the policy that criticizes death by instrumentalizing death. "A man dies in Köthen after a dispute, and thousands of right-wing radicals use the case for propaganda," said Caritas chairman Peter Neher on Monday in Berlin. The researchers did not reveal details of the events on the playground. The newspaper people vote According to him, Markus B. interfered with a dispute between the Afghans and tried to settle. The police arrested two suspects aged 18 and 20 at night due to suspected crimes. Meanwhile, the researchers conclude that Mark B. was killed by kicking or striking on his head. "We have not been able to detect fatal injuries," said Horst Nopens, chief prosecutor of Dessau-Roßlau on Monday. B. would most likely succumb to a heart attack, Keding said.

One of the two suspects should actually have been deported months ago. An application from the district Anhalt-Bitterfeld for approval, the prosecutor initially rejected but because of the Afghan was determined because of a physical injury and two minor offenses. The office of the district office approved a second request from the district last Thursday – two days before the crime. "We could not deport him Friday," said Stahlknecht. "You can not do that for all your love." He did not see any shortcomings of the authorities, Stahlknecht said on request. "I assume that the public prosecutor has made the right decision."


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