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Knitting: "It's good to do something with your hands, right?"

I'll try to explain how to pick up stitches. You first have to make a loop and pull on a knitting needle. Then you have to loosely wrap a thread around the index finger of the right hand, which also holds the knitting needle on which the stitches are to be pulled. In the left hand one also holds a knitting needle. There you wrap the shorter end of the thread once around the thumb. Hold the threads so that they cross each other, and push the needle in the right hand along the thumb of the left hand to pick up the thread and put it in the loop. Then take the thread in your right hand and wind it once counterclockwise around the needle in your left hand. Finally, remove the thumb of the left hand from the loop that was around it and also slip this loop over the needle. Then tighten. This must be repeated again and again until you have reached the width of the piece to be knitted. Or something like that.

And that's just the first step it takes to knit something. You also have to knit right stitches and left stitches and also stitch off stitches. Greta tried to show it to me, and I started working like a grandpa showing the internet to his grandchildren – just without internet.

I wanted to know that because Greta knit a scarf for my birthday. I asked Greta, "Did you learn that at school?" – "Nope." – "Oh, is knitting such a cool do-it-yourself trend that everyone is joining?" – "Nope, actually I'm the only one in my class that does that." – "But where did you learn that?" – "I asked Grandma." My mother-in-law is a true handwork wonder. She can knit, crochet, sew, cook jam and much more. That's what makes them so by the way. It takes less time than I need to search the tutorial on YouTube. Greta says she likes to knit when listening to music or listening to a radio play. "It's good to do something with your hands, right?"

I'm nobody who thinks everything was better in the old days. But some things already. I remember, for example, that I had manual lessons at my school up to sixth grade. It was called "Textile Gestalten". We learned sewing, embroidery – and knitting was also on the program (it took me a long time for a very simple scarf, it was not easy even then). For this you have to register children today at a Waldorf school. I think that's not right. We prescribe pills for ADHD to children and wonder why they are so unbalanced, but we do not teach them what to do with their hands except swiping on touchscreens. If you want more, you have to ask grandma.

When Greta showed me the basic techniques of knitting, she apologized that the wool was so thin, unsuitable for beginners. Then, with a compassionate smile, she separated everything I had knitted and told me to try some nice and thick wool. The next time. I still have a long way to go. Now I have a concept of what lifelong learning is.


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