Kindergartner was injured after a man allegedly arrived at the playground and began to swing the bar


A kindergarten student was seriously injured after a man allegedly came to a schoolyard north of Toronto and began randomly swinging a curtain rod, according to police.

The York Regional Police said they were called to Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic Elementary School, located in East Gwillimbury, on January 15 around 1 p.m. after a man entered the property with a curtain rod.

Police claim that the 30-year-old man, who lives with cognitive disabilities, walked to school property. The suspect allegedly jumped a fence around a playground where kindergarten students were at recess and began swinging the curtain rod, hitting Kingsley Corson, five.

“A boy attacked me,” the five-year-old told CTV News Toronto outside his school on Thursday. “I was running down the street, jumped the fence and then hit me with a stick.”

School personnel and a good Samaritan were able to take the suspect’s rod and take the students to school, police said.

The boy was taken to the hospital, his father said, where he was diagnosed with a mild concussion.

“He had a big head wound and received some staples,” said Tyler Corson.

“He’s a tough boy. I’m grateful [the rod] He didn’t catch him in the neck or hit him in the face, he took out one eye, “he said.” It’s a blow to the head, but it could be much worse. “

Debie Brazeau said her 10-year-old daughter was outside when she heard a woman scream “stop, stop”. Brazeau’s daughter told him that a voluntary parent monitor shouted at the children to enter.

“The volunteer parent monitor, she knocked this man down, knocked him down and probably saved many other children from being hurt.”

Since then, the man has been accused of aggravated assault, assault with a weapon, possession of a weapon with a dangerous purpose and common disturbances that endanger life.

The School Board of the Catholic District of York said in a statement Thursday that the situation is being taken “very seriously” and that the school’s safety plan is now being reviewed.

“Recognizing that this incident may have been traumatic for students and staff, a support team has assembled at the school and will remain in place for as long as necessary,” the board said.

“It is unfortunate that any student was injured in this incident. We are very grateful that the quick and courageous actions of our staff have helped prevent other students from being harmed.”

The school principal, Van Quinn, sent a message to parents on Wednesday to notify them of the situation.

“There was an incident outside the school in the nursery playground that resulted in one of our students being hit by a passerby,” Quinn said.

“This person lives in our community with his family and has special needs. The York Regional Police and the Paramedical Services of the York Region were immediately called to school. The injured student was taken to the hospital as a precaution.”

Police said the suspect was arrested.



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