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Justice seized after a series of anti-Semitic inscriptions in Paris

Two mailboxes with the face of Simone Veil were covered by swastikas in the 13th arrondissement of Paris. – JACQUES DEMARTHON / AFP

The face of Simone Veil crossed with a swastika, a tag "Juden" written in yellow letters: the discovery of several anti-Semitic inscriptions in Paris over the weekend indignant the executive and elected officials, who seized justice this Monday.

"Antisemitic tags up to nausea in the middle of Paris this WE (weekend, ed). When the hatred of Jews overlaps with the hatred of democracy, the vocabulary of the fachosphere is found on the walls! ", Lamented in a tweet Frédéric Potier, interministerial delegate to the fight against racism, anti-Semitism and anti-LGBT hate (Dilcrah).

On Twitter, he accompanied his talk with a photo of a garage door that reads "Macron Jews' Bitch". Frédéric Potier told AFP that this garage door was in the 1st arrondissement of the capital. "I seized the Paris prosecutor and the police chief," he added.

The Dilcrah has also retweeted the photo of a wall of the 18th arrondissement which reads "Jewish sow". The mayor of this district indicates on Twitter have also made a report Monday morning at the prosecutor.

In addition, two portraits of Simone Veil drawn by the artist C215 on two mailboxes, located on the facade of the town hall of the 13th arrondissement, were covered with swastikas.

"Salir the memory of Simone Veil, it is dirty the Republic"

These drawings were made during the pantheonization in summer 2018 of Simone Veil, former Minister and survivor of the Shoah. The town hall, which discovered the tags Monday morning, will file a complaint, she told AFP.

"To sully the memory of Simone Veil is to soil the Republic. I just spoke with Christian Guemy (artist C215, ed): I share his indignation and his anger. Everything is done so that this infamous act does not remain unpunished, "said Interior Minister Christophe Castaner on Twitter.

Another act, committed outside Paris, also caused a stir. A tree planted in Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois (Essonne) in tribute to Ilan Halimi was discovered sawn at its base on Monday, two days before a ceremony in memory of this young Jew murdered in 2006 after being sequestered by the "Gang of barbarians".

"Coward and abject"

An anti-Semitic inscription against the head of state, Emmanuel Macron, was also discovered Monday morning on the seat of the World, in the 13th arrondissement. "Micron (sic) Rothschild because it sells well. The fucking universal yoghurt, "he wrote on the daily building. The newspaper told AFP he would file a complaint.

"We will never give in to anti-Semitism, in the face of those who, by their hatred and ignorance, dirty the Republic", responded the Minister of Culture Franck Riester, on Twitter. On Saturday morning, the managers of the Bagelstein restaurant located on the Ile-Saint-Louis, in the heart of the capital, they had discovered a tag "juden" ("Jews" in German), written in yellow letters, the color of the star that Jews were forced to wear during the Nazi occupation.

Co-founder of this chain of bagels sales, Gilles Abecassis told AFP Sunday that other restaurants of his brand had been targeted by anti-Semitic inscriptions.

After filing a complaint, the Paris prosecutor's office has opened an investigation for aggravated voluntary damage and provocation to racial hatred, entrusted to the Brigade of repression against the person (BRDP), said Sunday a judicial source.

Increase in anti-Semitic acts

This series of inscriptions has also reacted the mayor of Paris. "After the degradation of a Bagelstein business this weekend, the anti-Semites are now targeting Simone Veil. Cowardly and abject. We will file a complaint. Let's all be mobilized against hatred, "said the municipality.

Shortly before, the mayor of the 13th district of Paris, Jerome Coumet (PS) had denounced on the social network an act "foul, abject and especially cowardly". In early November, Prime Minister Philippe was alarmed by the fact that anti-Semitic acts in France had jumped 69% in the first nine months of 2018 compared to the previous year.

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