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Juncker expects no Brexit decision at EU summit – Politics

  • EU Commission President Juncker has hinted that there may well be no decision this week on a possible extension of the Brexit.
  • British Prime Minister May wants to ask the remaining 27 EU countries for three months more time.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker is not expecting a decision to postpone Brexit this week at the EU summit in Brussels. Presumably, the EU will have to meet again "next week," said Juncker on Wednesday morning on Deutschlandfunk. "My assessment this morning is that we will not come to Potte this week."

A condition for the postponement of the EU exit planned for March 29 by the British House of Commons was that a majority be in favor of the Brexit Treaty with the European Union. British Prime Minister Theresa May must have her parliamentary approval "in the baggage" before EU approval of the extension of the withdrawal period. Still no written request Mays for a date shift was received.

EU chief negotiator Barnier

Deadline extension for Brexit "must be meaningful"

The British have to put forward valid reasons for their intention, says EU chief negotiator Barnier, because an extension of the deadline also extends the uncertainty in the European Union. But still no official application is available.

According to British media reports, May will only ask for a three-month stay until June 30. That would be the longest possible option if Britain did not want to vote in the European elections in late May. As the new European Parliament convenes for its inaugural session on 2 July, Britain would have to leave the EU at that time. Otherwise, if the country continued to belong to the EU but did not send MEPs to Parliament, the whole European election could be invalid.

"Even God has a patience, which breaks at some point"

Although May can ask for an extension, how long it will be and if it will be defeated at all, the remaining 27 EU countries will have to decide unanimously. Juncker said about a possible deadline shift: "These months must result in British Parliament approving the text of this treaty, and if that does not happen, and if Britain does not leave the country at the end of March, then we are – I do not like to say that – in God Hand, even God has a patience that breaks at some point. "

The British House of Commons had twice rejected the final exit agreement with the EU. A third vote in Parliament originally announced for May had stopped its spokesman John Bercow. After a more than 400-year-old parliamentary rule may not be voted on an unchanged template several times, Bercow had declared on Monday. Juncker reiterated that the EU would not make any further concessions to Britain. The negotiations were completed. There will be no renegotiations, no renegotiations and no further assurances, stressed the head of the European Commission.

Politics United Kingdom A war of interpretations is raging in Britain

British Parliament President

In the UK a war of interpretations is raging

Since John Bercov's power to vote on the Brexit Treaty, there has been much debate as to what exactly a "substantial change" would be. In Parliament, there seems to be a new reflection on a vote of no confidence.By Cathrin Kahlweit


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