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Judicial reform: Brinkhaus calls for faster criminal proceedings

  • Union faction leader Brinkhaus practices in an interview criticism of the duration of criminal cases. There was a lack of prosecutors, judges and judicial staff.
  • In order to accelerate criminal proceedings, Brinkhaus demands inter alia that bias applications against judges no longer lead to a delay in litigation.

Union faction leader Ralph Brinkhaus has called for a reform of the Code of Criminal Procedure in order to achieve faster criminal proceedings. "The confidence of citizens in the state depends on whether the law is enforced," he told Christian Democrat Picture on Sunday,

Public prosecutors, judges and judicial staff are missing, and the duration of the trials is on the rise. "More and more cases are being closed down." It is necessary to reform the Code of Criminal Procedure to speed up proceedings. " Although defendants have effective rights to defend, the public and the victims expected that the rights of the defense could not be used for trial abduction.

In concrete terms, Brinkhaus demands that applications for bias against judges no longer lead to a delay in proceedings: "It should be possible to continue negotiations until the decision on the application is made." Brinkhaus spoke of "aberrations in the judiciary" and that "the policy has not looked properly for a long time."

In this context, Brinkhaus also criticized the government policy of the past few years: How well the federalism works, it will show in whether federal and state "could eliminate the aberrations in the judiciary." Here the policy "did not look properly for a long time". The pact for the rule of law between federation and countries must come quickly, demanded the CDU politician. "The primary task of the state is to protect its citizens from violence and injustice, including a strong judiciary."

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