Home news Juan Guaidó calls again for mass protests | TIME ONLINE

Juan Guaidó calls again for mass protests | TIME ONLINE

Venezuela Self-proclaimed transitional president Juan Guaidó has called on his supporters to demonstrate on Tuesday for access to international aid. "Let's go to the streets for a big mobilization," Guaidó said before the protests in Caracas. "Today, hopelessness is our worst enemy, it is not allowed to tire." Since the end of January, President Nicolás Maduro and opposition leader Juan Guaidó have been mobilizing tens of thousands in protest for power in protest marches and rallies.

"We have spoken very clearly to the armed forces that they are on the side of the Constitution, that they let in help, that they do not oppress the people," Guaidó said. According to his information, 120,000 volunteers have now volunteered to assist with the distribution of relief supplies.

In Venezuela, there is an economic and supply crisis. It
is missing on many things of the daily need as well as on food and
Medications. A Auxiliary delivery from the USA was in the past
Handicapped for days
Maduro dropped from the Venezuelan armed forces
 block a bridge on the border with Colombia, beyond the
American information about 100 tons of supplies are brought

Nicolás Maduro rejects aid deliveries as a political show. The left-nationalist head of state describes it as an excuse to prepare the ground for a US-led military invasion. He is responsible for US food-and-drug shortages against his country.

In Venezuela, there has been a power struggle for weeks between the current head of state Maduro and Juan Guaidó, who had proclaimed in January to the interim president. In the meantime, more than 40 countries have come under Guaidó, among them the USA, Germany and other EU states as well as several South American countries. Maduro has so far relied on the support of the Venezuelan military.


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