Jon Jones reacts to the "lack of respect" and to the rematch offer of Matt Hamill


Dana White is apparently strangely trying to overturn a meeting that happened ten years ago between Jon Jones and Matt Hamill, and Joe Rogan is in agreement. If the whole thing were not strange enough, the discussion led both fighters to strengthen social media as in 2009.

It started when Matt Hamill suddenly asked for a rematch with Jon Jones on Instagram.

He also responded to one of the comments, saying it will be different this time.

"I wasn't caught last fight. I'm back to winning," Hamill wrote. "No problem. I made a mistake when Jones knocked me down and broke my neck bone. I only have one arm to defend. He can't escape from below. So an arm to block Jones's elbow (no one else fighter has never beaten me, but jones) I have a good takedown defense so it will be different in rematch. Woooooooooooooo baby, let's make it happen "

Jones commented on the post, mainly reacting to the digging of his drug test failures.

"Damn Matt, lack of respect," said Jones. "I thought you were smarter than this. Honestly, I never said anything negative about you."

"Honestly, I was just stuck by surprise. He's a boy from the state of New York. In these years I've always given him crazy love. Funny as people are. I'm not even mad at him, I understand that's his claim to fame. I just hope he would have gone over this in a different way. It's anything. "

The UFC champion also took his Instagram account to say that he is not trying to get a rematch with Hamill.

The couple originally fought in December 2009, with Jones dominating until he apparently got frustrated trying to finish, and launched several 12-6 illegal elbows. When he left Hamill unable to continue, Jones was disqualified and became the only loss of his 11-year career.

While people like Rogan are free to think that banning elbows 12-6 is "stupid", our thoughts on the rule should not matter in this case. The rule was there and it was broken. Trying to overturn a result that happened ten years ago just to be able to favor and promote your "unbeaten" champion is not only a bad thing for the UFC, it could also create a strange precedent if it succeeds.