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Our dazzling new rewards club, which was launched this week, will pay back our most loyal readers.
The Sun Sun Savers is The Sun's brand new rewards club. Collect the newspaper every day to collect your Sun Savers codes and we'll give you £ 5 when you collect 28.
This is not a one-off and there is no limit to how much money you can save.
For every 28 codes you enter, we give you a five. So in the course of a year that can go up to £ 65.
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Specimen easily collects 28 codes and we give you £ 5 FREE. It is in fact up to you how much you save.
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What are sunbathers? Here is everything you need to know about our new rewards club
To get you started, sign up today and we'll have a £ 1 bonus in your Sun Savers wallet tomorrow. And the good news does not stop with free money.
With Sun Savers we give you the best hacks, deals and tips to save money every day.
DO ME: do not worry people – merging takes only 30 seconds, in three steps.
The only thing we ask of you is your name, your date of birth and an e-mail address to help you on your way to your first fresh fiver.
You can choose to save or pay money directly to your bank account or directly with Paypal.
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Download the free Sun Savers app or go to to become a member of THAT SCHITTERS Wetherspoon & # 39; s now serving glittery pink unicorn gin SILVER LINING Rare Peter Rabbit Beatrix Potter 50p coin sells for £ 840 on eBay TOYS Smyths Toys gives shoppers £ 10 off every £ 50 spend – here's how it works VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS Jack Daniel's has launched a £ 60 boozy Advent calendar PUMP WARS Asda, Morrisons and Sainsbury's petrol savings with up to 2p per liter. RECLAIM FREE Martin Lewis warns that packaged bank accounts may be due to customers THOUSANDS HAPPY X-MESS Hamleys reveals top-of-the-line toys including weird goo Elasti Plasti CHILD'S PLAY Argos launches & # 39; 3 for 2 & # 39; toy sale in thousands of products CONDi-MENTAL Salad cream is there to stay when Heinz pushes the bread sandwich room URGENT WARNING Sainsbury & # 39; s raises croissants because they contain nuts
Top tips to stay ahead of the scammers
Forty THREE percent of over-65s think that scammers have focused on them.
"Phishing", using false e-mails, is the most common approach.
Caroline Abrahams, of Age UK, says: "Scams can have a devastating impact on older victims, which seriously damages their quality of life and well-being."
Getty Images Almost half of the over-65s think they have fallen victim to scammers. These are the six tips from Caroline to stay for tricksters.
Do not come anywhere. If you think you have offered a lot, do not agree with it immediately. Ask family and friends what they think or call Citizens Advice on 03454 040506.
Check whether the company has a good reputation. Does it have a number that works, a postal address and is it a member of a trade association? Contact the Financial Conduct Authority at or call 0800 111 6768.
Who is at the door? To see an ID card. You can call the company they represent. Write a message that you do not buy at the door. If you are suspect or if they do not leave, call 999.
Beware of cold-callers. Ignore unsolicited invitations with a great investment or say that you have won a lottery. Never respond, because it shows that your data is active. Call the Mailing Preference Service on 0845 703 4599 to have your name directly mailing lists.
New pensions. Be careful with someone who claims to know about loopholes, anyone who talks about foreign investment or says you can get your money before the age of 55. The FCA lists the current scams on
Report it. If you think you are scammed, tell the police and contact Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040. For pension consultations, call the Pension Advisory Service on 0300 123 1047.
Offer at Argos is one to view
Accurist Accurist Men's stainless steel Skymaster chronograph watch, was £ 79.99 now £ 49.99 at ArgosSAVE BIG: Tick tock, you save a lot. This Accurist Men's Stainless Steel Skymaster Chronograph Watch was £ 79.99, now £ 49.99 at Argos.
SAVE: £ 30
Youngs Young's Gastro 2 Southern Fried Chicken breast fillets 270G, £ 4 was now £ 2 at TescoSAVE SMALL: What a good deal. Young & # 39; s Gastro Two Southern Fried Chicken breast fillets, 270g were £ 4, now £ 2 at Tesco.
SAVE: £ 2
Do a free trial with minus the error
OLIVIA LEWIS, from Cardiff, says: "Make sure you benefit from free trials for companies and services that offer free gifts.
"Do not forget to cancel before the free trial expires, so you do not have to pay for a membership that you do not want."
Send us your tips to and you will receive 28 codes worth £ 5 if your tip is used.
Choose an account where you can bank
PA: Press Association Archive Consider both bank security and good interest rates when choosing who cares for your money. BRITS prefer to choose their bank on the basis of security instead of good interest rates, according to new research.
Nine out of ten people want their money to be completely safe, while 88 percent look at the rates when choosing a bank, according to a survey by Aldermore Bank.
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