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John D. Dingell Jr. dies at 92, the legislator who has served the longest in the history of the congress

John D. Dingell Jr. dies at the age of 92. The democratic legislator for the state of Michigan had the honor of being the congressman who served the longest in history.

"Today, the great state of Michigan has said goodbye to one of our greatest leaders, John Dingell will always be remembered as the" Dean of Congress, "not only for the duration of his service, but also for his unprecedented state. of legislative performance, "said Governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer, Thursday night in a statement.

"The people in Michigan owe much to John Dingell, of his courageous service in World War II, to his leadership as chairman of the Energy and Trade Committee and his crucial role in the transition of some of the most monumental laws of the United States. century, past, & # 39; added Whitmer.

Dingell helped to pass the Clean Water Act, the Clean Air Act, Medicare and the Affordable Care Act, along with other legislation that still exists today.

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