Home news Job seekers: "I carry boxes, brush and crack oysters"

Job seekers: "I carry boxes, brush and crack oysters"

                                            1 "I carry boxes, brush and crack oysters"

2 "If everything goes wrong, you have at least a roof over your head"

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In the series "bank statement" we provide regularly
People who tell how much they earn, what they spend their money on
– and how much they put aside every month. Here, the 42-year-old Veronica reports from Berlin.
            My Job Occupation: At the moment I am officially registered as unemployed, but I get unemployment benefit I. Before that I worked for 15 years in the food industry, most recently at a start-up. There I was employed for two years before they released me after my parental leave. The notice came as a surprise for me, I had little time to look for something else. As a single mother looking for a job is particularly stressful. Right now I am applying to environmental organizations and cultural institutions, which have to do with food in the broadest sense. In addition, I am working on the fish stand "Küstlichkeiten" in the market hall Neun in Berlin-Kreuzberg – less because of the money, but because it brings me to other thoughts and I enjoy. There I sell sustainably caught fish, mackerel or gurnard. It is heavy physical work, I carry boxes, brush and crack oysters. But that's exactly what I need. From time to time, I also write articles in nutrition magazines or appear on podium discussions on culinary topics such as regional marketing or shopping models.
            "The notice came as a surprise for me and I hardly had time to look for anything else."
    Veronica, 42, jobseeker Training: I am originally from Turin, Italy, and went to Florida after completing high school as an au pair. There I discovered the privileged food culture I grew up in – every day my parents prepared dishes with fresh fruit and vegetables. When I returned to Turin, I had to study as quickly as possible and decided to study English and German. At the same time I started to get involved with Slow Food. This is an organization that is committed to regional food culture and conscious, enjoyable consumption. That's how I ended up in the food industry.
Working hours: I work at the fish stall about four to eight hours a week. When I write articles, I expect about three days to do so, and one evening at podium discussions. All in all, I get on about 20 hours of work a week – if only the employment is included. Frieda, my daughter, of course, keeps me busy around the clock.
My income Gross income: From the employment agency I get about 1,500 euros a month. I can not take more than 168 euros in addition because of the unemployment benefit I. For the job in the market hall, I get about 144 euros a month. What I earn with articles or appearances in podium discussions, I am deducted from the unemployment benefit. For an article, I usually get 500 euros, for an appearance about 600 euros. The child benefit for my daughter is 190 euros, her father pays us 250 euros for maintenance. A few years ago I also bought an apartment that I currently rent for 400 euros a month. In addition, I own a flat in Italy, which brings me monthly 500 euros. Gross so I have 2,984 euros available.
            "I can not take more than 168 euros in addition because of the unemployment benefit I."
    Net income: If I deduct taxes and social security contributions, I have a net income of about € 1,500 a month. That's enough for something more than the bare essentials.
            My expenses rent and apartment: My co-operative apartment in Berlin-Neukölln costs me 660 euros warm. Here I live together with my daughter Frieda since last year. The apartment consists of kitchen, my bedroom, Friedas half room, bathroom, living room and balcony. A generous kitchen was particularly important to me, so that Frieda has room to play when I cook something delicious. I put together the kitchen at Ikea. The total cost – with electronic devices and high-quality worktop – 4,200 euros. And I had to buy a new bed for 250 euros.

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