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Jennifer W. indicted for murder by omission – politics

  • Before the Higher Regional Court of Munich begins the trial against a young German has begun, which is said to have joined the terrorist militia Islamic State (IS) in Iraq.
  • The federal prosecutor accuses the 27-year-old from Lower Saxony murder, war crimes and membership in a terrorist group.
  • She is said to have bought in the summer of 2015, together with her husband a little girl from a group of Yezidi prisoners of war as a slave, which she allegedly let die of thirst in front of her mother.
  • The linchpin of the procedure will be the statement of the mother.

From the court of Annette Ramelsberger

No veil, no headscarf: The young woman who enters the courtroom wears a long plaited braid. The woman, who spent a year living with the so-called Islamic State, who is supposed to patrol the parks of Fallujah and Mosul to force the women to cover up, now sits in court in a white blouse and black trouser suit. Like a student at the exam. No sign of jihad.

The woman is 27, mother of an almost three-year-old daughter and wife of an IS fighter. For a year she lived in the self-proclaimed caliphate of the terrorist militia. And she is proud of it, she said to a fellow-thinker. It liked her there, despite the fighting, despite the heat, despite the dust. And despite the violent death of a little girl whom she probably watched. She wants to go back there. But she will not succeed that fast.

"I'll be back Sunday, Linda"

The "Islamic state" is smashed. But his wives, children and men are still wandering about. A meeting in Baghdad with the 17-year-old Linda W. from Saxony.By Volkmar Kabisch, Georg Mascolo, Amir Musawy and Nicolas Richter

Jennifer W. is on Tuesday before the Higher Regional Court of Munich, accused of murder by omission, membership in a terrorist group and the acquisition of weapons of war. She has, the public prosecutor's office accuses her, done nothing to save the child, who was imprisoned by her husband as a slave in the household. A five-year-old girl and his mother, the remains of a Yesidi family who had separated and enslaved the IS. This kid is said to have chained the IS fighter in the blistering heat of the Iraqi summer as a punishment in front of the house – because it got sick and urinated on a mattress. The child has died of thirst in the eyes of their own mother. And also in the eyes of Jennifer W.

If confirmed, the defendant faces life imprisonment. However, until three weeks before the trial began, the prosecution relied only on a chat she had with an alleged "brother" and a conversation in a car. The driver of this car was to take Jennifer W. back to IS via the Balkans and Greece. But he was a steward of the police and the car bugged. In those conversations, Jennifer W. bragged that she was heavily armed for the IS's virtue police, the so-called Hisba, patrolling Iraqi parks to exhort the women who were under-hushed. But there are no photos of her as a member of Hisba, only her own statements. That was all very vague.

Shortly before the trial, Jennifer W.'s prospect worsened significantly. Because then the mother of the thirsty girl appeared. She survived the imprisonment – and she confirmed the circumstances surrounding the death of her daughter and the mistreatment by the IS. There are so many similarities between the woman's testimony and the stories of Jennifer W. that the federal prosecutor's office believes that it really is the mother of the little girl. Therefore, there are even more charges in the room: also the mistreatment and enslavement of the mother by Jennifer W. and her husband. Hundreds of pages of new findings were sent to those involved in the process the day before the trial started. Therefore, the trial was interrupted immediately after the indictment was read – so that everyone can familiarize themselves with the new files. And Jennifer W. got a second defender in addition to her lawyer Ali Aydin: Seda Basay from Frankfurt. The learned only on Monday, that it is committed on Tuesday for Munich.

The mother is to testify as a witness in court. Your statement will become the linchpin of the process. Your whereabouts are kept secret. Her representative Natalie von Wistinghausen says that this process kick-off is also a great day for the Yazidi community. For the first time a crime of the IS against the Yazidis before a German court is negotiated. Attorney Claudia Gorf says that the protection of the victim is particularly important to her. After all, this is one of the most dangerous terrorist organizations.

Terrorism Deadly heat

Deadly heat

Nora B. was kept as a slave and had to watch as her five-year-old daughter died of dehydration. Now her torturer, the German IS fighter Jennifer W., is being tried in Munich.By Lena Kampf and Annette Ramelsberger



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