James Murdoch breaks ranks with Rupert Murdoch, News Corp on climate change denial

“They are particularly disappointed with the ongoing denial among the media in Australia, given the obvious evidence to the contrary.”


Rupert Murdoch recently denied that there were climate change deniers working in News Corp despite the fact that several of the company’s best-known columnists, such as Andrew Bolt and Piers Akerman, have long been skeptical of the link between human activity and warming global.

James Murdoch continues to serve as a member of the News Corp board, but plays a much less active role in the company than his brother Lachlan, who is co-chair of News Corp and executive director of Fox Corporation.

Lachlan is considered to be more conservative than James, who for a long time was bothered by the editorial stance of Fox News, which has aligned closely with the president of the United States, Donald Trump, and regularly casts doubt on climate science.

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