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It's gone to tax the poor in order to save the rich

Monday, April 8 in the morning, the Prime Minister drew the first conclusions of the "great debate". He uttered from the outset these few words far removed from the demands that have been rising from the depths of the country since November: "The first requirement is in fact a huge exasperation tax. Our country has reached a kind of zero tolerance. The debates clearly indicate the direction to take: we must lower, and quickly, taxes. " Since half of the households have incomes too low to be affected by income tax, saying this was the surest way to tell them that they should not expect much in the coming months as answers. to their essential demands.

Yesterday, at about the same time, two reports nevertheless suggested that the French still had big needs to satisfy and even unfulfilled dreams. The Qapa consulting firm was publishing a "Barometer" entitled "Employment and Real Estate". When they rented, this survey told us that 85% of jobseekers want to become homeowners, compared to 71% of employed employees and 52% of recruiters in the same situation regarding housing. 71% of jobseekers say very realistically that they prefer to own old real estate rather than a new one. Even 38% say that they would agree that their place of residence is acquired within 30 and 50 kilometers of their place of work, the day they find a job. 35% of employees in employment prefer to rely on a distance of between 5 and 15 kilometers.

Budget savings on the backs of the poor

The Qapa survey does not say where and how these different categories of people are housed today. Nor does it say whether a jobseeker will have the slightest chance of getting a loan from his bank. But, the same day, a dispatch of Agence France Presse indicated this in title: "Budget savings: government and HLM seek the" road of crest "". And to ask this question from the first line of the dispatch: "Can we reduce the significant savings required for HLMs? In the midst of negotiations, the government is seeking a balance between fiscal discipline and the avoidance of a lasting decline in construction. "

The dispatch of the AFP added that "Since the beginning of Emmanuel Macron's five-year period, social landlords have been asking for significant savings. First, they must reduce their rents to compensate for a decline in housing benefits (APL). This measure, which should represent 1.5 billion euros per year from 2020, is introduced gradually: it reached last year 900 million euros, certainly, more than expected. Secondly, the social housing benefits of VAT have been reduced, representing for them an extra cost of 800 million euros in 2018 " for HLM organizations.

There are therefore many cost increases for the HLM organizations and they must continue after 2020, according to the dispatch of the AFP. And at the same time, as Macron would say, the solvency of personalized housing assistance will decrease in 2019 and in 2020, since it will be revalued by only 0.3% two years in a row. If they are parents in families with several children, or even retirees with modest incomes, these same tenants of the HLM will suffer a double sentence since the family allowances like the pensions of retirement must increase by only 0.3% in 2019 as in 2020 .

Retirees back on the street tomorrow

Thus, the joint strategy of President Macron and his Prime Minister for the next two years is to impoverish tenants, parents of large families and pensioners who have contributed during their working lives to acquire pension rights. This concerns globally 30 million people in our country. Thirty million people with often modest incomes whose government continues to reduce the purchasing power not to return to the suppression of the solidarity tax on wealth, which was the avenging decision of Emmanuel Macron from his election to the 'Elysium.

Indeed, this man did not digest the fact of having paid this tax in 2012 after having palpated 1.4 million euros in 2011 as banker business Rothschild. As it turns out to be little of the conclusion that a President of the Republic and his government can draw from a great debate devoted two months to the future of French society.

In a statement issued yesterday, following the Prime Minister's speech to the deputies, the French Communist Party "Denounces this irresponsible way to justify a policy that feeds shareholders with 57.4 billion euros paid in 2018 while it impoverishes young people, women, workers and workers who create these riches." He calls all these French "To mobilize in the coming weeks alongside the yellow vests and during mobilization days at the call of the trade unions".

It should be noted that this mobilization resumes tomorrow in the whole country at the call of nine organizations of retirees who, in a common text, thus characterize the policy of the government: "Huge gifts to large companies and their shareholders who empty public funds, which serves as a pretext for austerity for other people, including retirees."

We can not say it better !


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