Home news "It's a shame that people have already judged," says his wife Carole

"It's a shame that people have already judged," says his wife Carole

Carole Ghosn in Paris, April 6, 2019. – Eric Dessons / JDD / SIPA

"I'll go, of course. Carlos Ghosn's wife, Carole, who had left Japan when justice wanted to question according to several Japanese media, said she was ready to respond to a possible summons, Monday in an interview broadcast by RTL where she has denounced "a Nissan coup", "fear" of a merger with Renault and Mitsubishi, while a video recorded by the former leader before his arrest must be broadcast on Tuesday by his Japanese lawyer.

Carole Ghosn also explains in the interview that she plans to go to Japan soon "to be close" to her husband. "The idea that he is alone is really hard to accept," says the wife of the former CEO of Renault, explaining being "meanwhile there [en France], to work a little on this issue and help my husband.

"I do not understand that people believe everything without proof"

She says she is "sure and certain" about the innocence of Carlos Ghosn, who was arrested again last Thursday in Tokyo. "It's a shame that people have already judged it, that's what's really sad in this story," she says, adding, "I do not understand that people believe everything without evidence." She assures that all the decisions of her husband were validated by others: "on each paper there are eight people who sign, it is not Carlos alone".

"This taste for money", which is furthermore lent to her husband, is, in her opinion, "exaggerated. Carlos had the opportunity to become CEO of General Motors in 2008. He refused, while the salary was double or triple. He told me "I am loyal to these companies, I have straightened them and I will stay until the end to make an alliance that is the largest company in the world". "

Japanese prosecutors wanted to put questions to Carole Ghosn, on the "volunteer base", according to the NHK public channel, the private television Asahi and the Kyodo news agency. Sources close to the case, sums possibly diverted, reproached to her husband, could have passed through a company led by Carole Ghosn. Present at the arrest of her husband, she said Sunday at Sunday Diary to have returned to France despite the confiscation of his Lebanese passport by the Japanese police, using his other travel document, American.




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