It may thrill a bit TIME ONLINE


The thriller is not a genre from Germany. For one thing
the German movie theater For decades, with genre films hard, something in the past
Decades to monoculture a not so funny, mostly around
Gender issues arranged comedy. Besides it brings
most of the history film to commercial relevance, most likely in the form of kitschy ham (The life of
. The downfall). On the other hand, the German thriller lacks an idea
of heroism, which in American cinema is one of the standard myths of narration
belongs. This problem can currently be found in the protagonist of Philipp Leinemann's film The end of the truth to study.

Ronald Zehrfeld works full-time as Martin Behrens Federal Intelligence Service, He is convinced: I am doing something for national security. Zehrfeld plays this BND agent
his attractive, but unfortunately also vaguely teddy bearess. The powerful one
Body of the actor is undoubtedly a seductive projection screen
for ideas of contemporary masculinity, for a production of desire,
the cinema lives on. The indefinite kindness of Zehrfeld's
However, this physical presence counteracts in any way The end of the truth, It almost seems like it works
the restraint in the look of the actor a performative draw, a
Hide, yes, apologize for the presence of your own body in the picture.

Of course, it is cheap to reproach Zehrfeld that he is insecure
and can not balance boldness when looking like Robert Redford
in the seventies, when the paranoia in the cinema experienced a high phase. But exactly
this mix turns an actor into a thriller hero: the outsider, the one from the
System has fallen and must try to get back inside.

Sense of coolness and pathos

Martin Behrens seems rather the moderator of the
To be history that The end of the truth tells. He trudges through the actions that lead to an ominous amalgamation of politics and politics
Economy, resulting from government action and private affairs. First doubts about the meaningfulness of his work come to the agent, as one extorted from him
Information immediately given as destination for a drone mission
Innocent will die and the informant will be left unprotected.

Leinemann stages this moment with a sense of coolness and
Pathos as a parallel montage, in which different people in the world at their
Computer workplaces take place to kill while Behrens on the
Soundtrack of his daughter falling asleep Read Seuss poem
("Do you dare go out? / Do you dare to come in?").

Closer come the impacts for Behrens than his girlfriend
Victim of an attack will. The journalist Aurice Köhler (Antje Traue) is with her wet research questions in the
BND press conference a somewhat tedious, because too alarmed person for the
discrete setting of the intelligence world. Your research for
state-commercial complex in global security policy serve to
Behrens to point the way through the second half of the film.