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ISS: "Do not just pull the plug"

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        It's hard, Alexander Gerst by the International Space Station to float
and imagine at the same time that these have been scrapped in less than ten years
        becomes. How's the ISS?
            Bernardo Patti:
        So far, the operation and financing of the ISS by all partners until 2024
        And then?
        A possible extension is currently being considered by the two major partners, the Russian
        and the US segment. It's like a car you look at
        Asks how long you will probably drive it – the future of the ISS depends on different
        Factors off.
        From which?
        First, whether the station is technically still fit and requires no major repairs.
        Second, when will there be a program for research beyond the Earth's orbit? And
        third, when industrial partners can take over.
        In turn, how well is the ISS in good shape?
        The ISS is certified until at least 2028 and could fly so long. Your first
        Elements were launched into space in 1998 and have a guaranteed term of 30
        And the research on board?
        Since you can not just pull the plug. Not even in 2024, I think. For that are
        just too many questions left. This applies in particular to the effects of long-term flights
        in space on the human body …
        … what could be researched on a private station in the future? Can you get your third
        So understand point?
        For this we would need a commercial partner who builds his own platform. Before
        You now ask if it is in sight: No, the investments would be too big.
            Bernardo Patti,
        61, is head of the ISS program and exploration department at the European Space Agency (ESA).
        How about a privatized ISS?
        The world is full of false predictions. We have to see how the market develops,
        it can look very different in five years. I expect surprises. who wants
        exclude that stations in near-Earth orbit become a business, as well as in
        Communication and earth observation satellites was the case?
        And if not, what would the end look like? How do you dispose of a space station?

This article is from TIME no. 42/2018. Here you can read the entire issue.

        We could do that tomorrow! If there was an accident – say: if a meteorite
        the ISS would be, maybe not as bad as in the movie
        Gravity, but still,
        if she had to be abandoned …
        … that is, if irreparable damage to the station would occur …
        … then no one would want her to roll around uncontrollably. Therefore there
        it the calculations and the means to bring down the station. We hope that
        will happen in 20 years, but we are prepared for it: Two Russian
        Progress spacecraft brakes the ISS until they are completely earth-shaken
        is pulled down. The ISS would then go down over the South Pacific.


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