Home news Israel flies retaliatory attacks in the Gaza Strip | TIME ONLINE

Israel flies retaliatory attacks in the Gaza Strip | TIME ONLINE

After the rocket attack at Tel Aviv
 The Israeli has seven injured military
Retaliatory attacks flown in the Gaza Strip. According to information from the army, "Hamas terrorist targets" were attacked, including the office of Ismail Hanija, head of Hamas. Israeli fighter jets
would have rockets on
 Headquarters fired in the city of Gaza, also reported
Palestinian media. The building was completely destroyed
Service. There were no reports of possible casualties.

Hamas data also included two military training camps in the north
 hit the Gaza Strip. Eyewitnesses reported, Israeli
Helicopters would have a facility of
military arm of the radical Islamic Palestinian organization in the
West Gaza attacked at least three times.
According to the
Ministry of Health in Gaza were five in the attacks
People hurt.

Subsequently, according to the Israeli army were out
The Gaza Strip fires rockets at Israel again. Israeli media reported at least ten floors. Accordingly, a house was hit in the border town of Sderot. But nobody was hurt.

prime minister
Benjamin Netanyahu had one before "Powerful"
Retribution announced
– in response to several of the
Gaza Strip fired rockets on Monday morning. One of them had
a house in the community Mischmeret north of Tel Aviv met,
which then caught fire – seven people were injured.

On a visit to Washington, Netanyahu said, "We will do what is necessary to defend our people and our state." US President Donald Trump reaffirmed his support for the ally Israel. Washington recognizes the "right of Israel to defend itself," said Trump at the joint press conference with Netanyahu. According to observers, Netanyahu wants a new Gaza war a few weeks
Avoid, however, before the Israeli parliamentary election. Already in mid-March there had been a Palestinian rocket attack on Tel Aviv – the first since the Gaza war in 2014.
Hamas then said,
 it was a mistake.

The Israeli army had previously announced the transfer of further troops to the vicinity of the Palestinian territory on the Mediterranean and closed areas on the outskirts of the Gaza Strip. According to media reports, the missile defense nationwide were strengthened and opened in many cities air raid shelters. Militant Palestinian groups threatened with a harsh backlash.

Hamas is under pressure internally

Had to the attack on Monday morning
At first nobody knows each other. The Israeli army made those in the Gaza Strip
ruling radical Islamic Hamas for the rocket fire
 responsible. Hamas rejected that. The federal government condemned the missile attack on Israel "on the
Sharpest "and called in the face of escalation all sides
Restraint on.

It is unclear what might have motivated Hamas to attack. The radical Islamic organization that governs the Gaza Strip has recently been under intense pressure internally. So there were street protests against the difficult living conditions in the Gaza Strip. According to human rights organization Human Rights Watch, Hamas police violently violated the demonstrators. More than 1,000 people were arrested this month.

The protests were directed, among other things, at taxes levied by Hamas on cigarettes and food. In the coastal strip live about two million people, it lacks, inter alia, drinking water and electricity.



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