Home news Israel: Benjamin Netanyahu is not coming to Munich - but to Warsaw

Israel: Benjamin Netanyahu is not coming to Munich – but to Warsaw

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is not announced differently than at the Munich Security Conference take part. The cancellation was made more than a week ago, shortly after conference leader Wolfgang Ischinger had publicly announced the visit of Netanyahu, said a spokesman for the meeting of the German Press Agency. After French President Emmanuel Macron, the world's most important meeting of security policy experts is losing another high-profile guest.

The reasons for Netanyahu's rejection are unclear – also because the Prime Minister still comes to Europe. So his office announced last week that Netanyahu attended a Middle East conference in Warsaw participate. This conference, hosted by the US and Poland, will take place on Wednesday and Thursday before the weekend of the Munich Security Conference.

The Warsaw conference is controversial, critics see it as an anti-Iran conference. Who could participate from German side, is still unclear. Iranian Foreign Minister Mohamed Jawad Sarif said recently that the US had desperately tried to fight against the Iran to organize a directed conference. "But this plan did not work," said the minister in parliament.

The rejection of Netanyahu does not necessarily motivate foreign policy
his. The Prime Minister is under domestic pressure. At the
9th April chooses Israel a new parliament, before the Attorney General decides on allegations of corruption against Netanyahu.

The Israeli government, according to the current state, is after high-ranking representatives from the ministries of foreign affairs and defense after Munich send, but no ministers. On Thursday also the refusal of the French president Macron became known, which actually wanted to appear together with Chancellor Angela Merkel in Munich. The reasons for its absence are also unclear.

Sarif called Netanyahu's performance a "circus"

The Israeli government had never officially announced the visit of Netanyahu in Munich. At the Munich Security Conference, however, high-ranking representatives from both Israel and Iran were often present in the past, despite the hostility between the two countries. However, there were never any joint performances on a podium.

Last year, the confrontation between Netanyahu and Sarif, which had occurred one after the other, was a highlight of the conference. Netanyahu had presented in his speech the wreckage of a downed drone, which is to come from Iran. "Mr. Sarif, do you recognize that?" Asked the Israeli head of state at the time. "It is yours. You can send it to Tehran with a message to the tyrants
Take back: Do not put our resolve to the test. "Sarif later described Netanyahu's performance as a" circus. "Unlike Netanyahu, Sarif will attend the conference this year.

The Munich conference is
the largest expert meeting on security policy worldwide. From 15 to 17 February about 90 ministers and 30 state and
 Heads of Government expected. Among the speakers is next to Merkel too
US Vice President Mike Pence. From the USA Nancy Pelosi, who
 Chairman of the Chamber of Deputies and Counterpart of US President
Donald Trump.


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