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ISF and tax exile: the latest figures from Bercy

This is one of the main opposition points between the demonstrators of the yellow vests movement and Emmanuel Macron. While the former often expressed their wish to re-introduce the Solidarity Tax on Wealth (ISF), the President of the Republic has never failed. He refuses to reimburse a tax that, in his view, displaces the richest taxpayers, potential investors in the French economy.

A report from Bercy, relayed by The echo & # 39; scounted the exact number of wealthy taxpayers who left the area. According to the figures of the report, 622 households are subject to the ISF (abolished in 2018 for recall) France left in 2016. Over a period of ten years, they are subject to a total taxation of 4,578 in the tax on assets greater than 1, 3 million euros to have packed their suitcases representing a loss of tax revenue of 20 million euros per year for France.

In the last years of its existence, between 330,000 and 340,000 households were subject to the ISF. The number of rooms is therefore rather limited and defeats the position of an ISF pushing in exile. Moreover, there is no clear indication that the departure of ISF's tax business relates to tax considerations. In at least one third of cases it would be more a matter of family considerations.

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But the report also indicates that in 2016 3,990 households who declared more than 100,000 euros in income per year, left France (and even 4,326 in 2015). Not to mention bloodshed, the figure is not insignificant and shows that households with a high level of comfort, without being qualified as "rich" (the vast majority does not pay the ISF), can be tempted by tax exile.

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