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iPhone: Apple's only opponent is boredom

The new 1649 Euro iPhone is not particularly exciting. Apple should not make it comfortable in its high-tech lifestyle niche.

       Comment by Helmut Martin-Jung



    If there was such a thing as a hype-o-meter, it would have been far lower at this year's "special event" of the Apple Group than it was years ago. What was going on when a blog caught a glimpse of the case of a new iPhone! Or if even an Apple employee forgot a prototype in a bar!


    Meanwhile, the Apple presentations have become a ritual: first speculated, then reported, what's new. Yes, the product shows are better styled around classes than the often outrageous notions of the competition. But they are no longer special, also because the pattern is always repeated. If Apple carries on like that, eventually dangerous boredom will arise.


    The big hype was revived when the iPhone X was presented last year, the first with a new screen technology (OLED instead of LCD). In the end, attention focused on two things: facial recognition, which replaced the fingerprint sensor, and price. Once again Apple put the bar higher and had success with this strategy. The changed design and the really ugly indentation on the upper edge of the screen make the iPhone X easily recognizable – such details are helpful in becoming a status symbol.


    Beyond the marketing noise


    But those who remain realistic will find that even a two-year-old iPhone can handle everything that occurs in everyday life. The technical progress in the construction of smartphones is not faring any more than at the beginning of the era. Although the new devices are really faster and better than their predecessors, only in everyday use makes this rarely noticeable. The same has long been true of computers: A laptop today can be six or seven years old – and still fulfill its day-to-day tasks such as writing, surfing and e-mailing. Only those who have to do special tasks or put extreme emphasis on just this one new function, has a real incentive to buy a new device. Everything else is marketing noise.


    The most interesting advance this year is Apple's new computer clock. Once the associated software is released, the Apple Watch 4 will generate an electrocardiogram and warn of dangerous atrial fibrillation. How reliable this works and how useful it will be, the practice will show. There is a lot of potential in it anyway. Critical users will then have to deal more intensively than before with what is happening with the recorded health data.

Three new iPhones, a new watch

And otherwise? Apple drives the course of the "Keep it up". That may be criticized, but the corporation is neither salvation nor the duty every few years, the famous "next big thing" auszuhauen. Apple is a listed company that primarily wants to make money. Tim Cook and his people are still doing very well.


    They have brilliantly understood how to solidify their image as the company that makes technology truly usable in the minds of their customers. Even though they are of course no longer the only ones. But what speaks against the attacker Google, is now no longer operability or technical equipment. The Android flagship is the same or even ahead. Apple just has less interest in data than Google, because his business is not as dependent on it as that of the search engine group.


    Who else can combine high-tech and lifestyle?


    As long as Apple's business model is in place, the company will try to continue, testing the financial limits of its customers a little bit more. The newest since Wednesday 1649 – in words: one thousand six hundred forty-nine – Euro. For an iPhone.


    Now it is true that for most people smartphones have become an indispensable companion in their lives. So even if there are no more sensational innovations, but only evolutionary development, the devices will continue to be purchased and Apple is successfully occupied a niche in which so far no competitor could properly penetrate. For the mixture of high-tech, lifestyle and design only the company seems to have the working recipe.


    Thus, the company can only be dangerous itself. If the company with its trillions of stock market value makes too comfortable, if the design language does not change at some point sometimes, when people eventually have the feeling, except the eternal "farewell" offer Apple no more than the others. So it just gets boring for the fans.

Apple can rest on a trillion dollars
                        The most valuable company in the world need not be surprised to succeed. The new iPhone Xs will still give Apple billions in profits.
                    By Simon Hurtz


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