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Interim retirement: Maaßen on the long leash

The recalled constitutional protection chief Maassen wants to remain a member of the CDU according to a media report and rejects an offer from the AfD.
 He will continue to receive 71.75 percent of his salary in the next three years, even when he retires.
 The civil service law keeps him in a certain way on a leash.

       By Ronen Steinke, Berlin



    Hans-Georg Maaßen has given the AFD a refusal. The ousted president of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, who claims to be able to imagine a future "for example in politics or business", had been courted by the party. "If he should have an interest in joining us, he would of course welcome us," said AfD chief Jörg Meuthen the editorial network Germany.


    Maaßen now quotes with the answer: "I have been a member of the CDU for 30 years and I will stay that way." In addition, Maassen remains for the time being also a civil servant, he was on Monday not completely thrown out of the civil service, but only in the so-called provisional retirement has been transferred, where he continues to receive 71.75 percent of his salary in the next three years.

Seehofer sends Maaßen into the temporary retirement
                This was stated by the Federal Minister of the Interior in Berlin. The former constitutional protection chief Maaßen was advised because of a farewell speech again in the criticism. Meanwhile, the AfD explains that Maaßen would suit her well.
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The civil service law keeps him in a certain way on a leash. It applies the moderation requirement, Paragraph 60 paragraph 2 Federal Civil Service Act. Could this be in any way an obstacle to some of Maass's most feared political career? The principle is: Political commitment of the official must not harm his employer. In this case, the Federal Ministry of the Interior.


    Maaßen should also write books


    In practice, however, the German civil servants' association observes, civil service law gives great freedom; it's a pretty long leash. There are many officials in parliaments. In Berlin until 2016 was an active administrative judge even SPD boss. Maaßen should also write books. A revelation book about his time in the protection of the Constitution would not be allowed, of course, to secrecy remains Maassen committed. However, he could publish about other topics that are close to his heart, the former SPD Finance Senator of Berlin, Thilo Sarrazin, sets the precedent from there.


    Also for the fact that even the party – in Maaßens case that would be the CDU – this under current law could not be punished with exclusion. Also in the economy Maaßen could change immediately. A waiting period applies to him, unlike for ministers, not.


    Those who know Maassen are more likely to take his time, even to gain distance. Maaßen is a friend of Japan, his wife is from there. He used to live there as a young trainee lawyer and then spent longer and longer holidays there. Maaßen is a confessed fan of sumo singing. Because it's about skill. And because lightning fast everything can be over and over. At the Tsukuba University, 60 kilometers northeast of Tokyo, Maaßen kept giving lectures, the next visit there he is so far expected in the spring of 2019.

Thomas Haldenwang, the quiet follower
                        The previous Vice President is to lead the secret service until further notice. He maintains a different style than his predecessor Hans-Georg Maaßen and comes at a time when there is much for the protection of the Constitution.
                    By Ronen Steinke


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