Instagram explains why some photos in your feed may be blurry

If you use Instagram, you may have noticed that several photos in your main feed were deleted this week, but don’t panic, this is happening to everyone.

Blurring is part of Instagram’s drive to prevent “false information” from spreading on its platform, and it means that some images are being marked with Photoshop.

Instagram explained: “On Instagram, we are committed to reducing the spread of false information.

“You can find a post on Instagram that has been marked as false information by an independent third-party fact checker.

Warning message

“We work with 45 third-party fact verifiers worldwide who are certified through the independent international fact-checking network to help identify, review and label false information.”

If one of the third-party fact verifiers identifies false information on Instagram, the platform will make the photo harder to find on Explore or Hashtags.

Instagram points to photos with photoshop

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However, the original post will continue to appear in the user’s profile and in their followers’ news sources, so Instagram has decided to blur these images and add a warning.

Fortunately, you can still see these images if you wish.

Instagram added: “If a third-party fact verifier has identified a post as false information, you can touch See why to see the fact-checking organization and why they identified the publication as false information [or] Touch View post to view the post. “


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