Instacart will expand the grocery collection service to all 50 states by the end of 2020

(Reuters) – Instacart plans to expand its grocery collection service to all 50 US states. UU. By the end of this year, the company said Tuesday, as it doubles the increasingly popular “click and pick up” consumer habit among consumers

“Click and pick up”, a service offered by retailers where customers order products online and pick them up at a nearby store, has had a boom in popularity in recent years as buyers see the appeal of avoiding costs Shipping and wait for deliveries.

“The growth and expansion of Instacart Pickup is being driven by the rapid adoption of the customer we are seeing for the product, as well as the significant benefits it offers to our retail partners,” the company said.

Sales in the USA UU. Through “click and charge”, for all companies offering the service, they increased by 35% in November and December compared to the previous year, exceeding a 13.1% increase in total online sales, according to Adobe Analytics

As part of the expansion of the service, which is currently offered in 30 states in 50 grocery stores, Instacart said it will add new collection functions to its purchasing application and appointed company executive Sarah Mastrorocco as Instacart Collection Director .

The expansion of the service also occurs at a time when the company faces increasing pressure from its independent workers, who make home deliveries to customers, about inequalities in salary structures that, they say, worsen each year.

The workers who pack orders for the company’s collection service are part-time employees of Instacart and are different from the delivery workers, who are independent contractors.

Uday Sampath reports in Bangalore; Shounak Dasgupta Edition

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