Home news Infanticidal virtue signaling led to the self-immolation of Virginia Democrats

Infanticidal virtue signaling led to the self-immolation of Virginia Democrats

Dthe emocratic Virginia Gov Ralph Northam faces hundreds of calls from the nation's highest Democratic leaders to resign. It all comes from a photograph that depicts him in a blackface or a Ku Klux Klan-hood.

His second in the order, Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax, now credibly accused of rape of a woman at the Democratic National Convention in 2004. His response to the accusation on Monday was, and I quote, "Fuck that bitch."

The third in line for the governor's mansion, Attorney General Mark Herring, initially called upon Northam to resign, while he preached boldly about how attracting blackface, which decreases African-American virginians, makes the governor unworthy to lead the state. But yesterday Herring also confessed that he had blackface at school. Like Northam, he did this in the 1980s, not decades before, when he might have argued some kind of ignorance or blindness about how insulting it was.

There are no words to correctly describe the current self-immolation of the Virginia Democratic Party. The most recent meltdown of the entire state as it should be what Ohio Republicans experienced in 2006. But that was only a case of minor corruption – it is not nearly as rich or interesting, and I suspect the destruction of the state The image of the party was not nearly as complete as the effect that this bonfire of Virginia over the long term will have.

How did we get here? Well, all these supposed crimes would have remained in history, if not for the infanticidal virtue signaling of the Democratic state Del. Kathy Tran.

It was not until last Tuesday that Tran's speech about her abortion account, H.B. 2491, has been uploaded to YouTube. H.B. 2491 would have effectively legalized abortions from the third trimester to birth, provided that one doctor claimed that the pregnancy in question imposed physical or mental stress on the mother. The bill itself was dead on arrival, but Tran and some Virginia Democrats wanted to show their cruel resentment – to prove that they were progressive enough to legalize the killing of viable, painful fetuses until the end of a pregnancy.

Amidst the resulting indignation, Northam gave his notorious and disastrous interview in defense of Tran's account, which – I could once again emphasize – had no real way to the governor's office anyway. This is why a former noble of Northam, disgusted by the blatant contempt of the governor for human life, leaked the blackface photo to the right-wing blog Big League Politics. And the rest is history.

No matter how wild this chaos is, every story about a rape and two cases of racism is a tragedy. But bad men supporting the murder of babies had somehow to face their fall, the grief of Virginia Democrats trying to prove their weight and the willingness to slaughter the unborn certainly does the trick.

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