Home news Indonesia canceled order of Boeing 737 Max aircraft | TIME ONLINE

Indonesia canceled order of Boeing 737 Max aircraft | TIME ONLINE

Following the recent crashes of two Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft, the Indonesian carrier Garuda has revoked the purchase of 49 aircraft of this type. According to the state airline, she had asked Boeing in a letter to cancel the order worth billions of dollars. The passengers had lost confidence in the type of aircraft, it was said in the grounds.

Garuda now expects a response from Boeing. Overall, the Indonesian airline had ordered 50 Boeing 737 MAX 8, a machine had already been delivered. But Garuda also wants to return the aircraft already delivered. However, the airline is not concerned with changing the aircraft manufacturer. Rather, the purchase of machines of another model is sought.

On March 10, a 737 MAX 8 of the Ethiopian Airlines had crashed shortly after the start in Addis Ababa, 157 people were killed. In October, a lion-air plane of the same type crashed off the Indonesian island of Java, causing 189 deaths. Accident investigators assume that the crashes are related to the controversial MCAS control software.

According to the US aviation authority FAA, Boeing is working on a software update and corresponding installation programs for the 737 Max machines. An appropriate training program for flight crews had also been prepared. Meanwhile, the US Department of Transportation and the FBI are checking to see if the safety clearance has been lawful. Until the causes have been clarified, there is a worldwide ban on starting the 737 Max series.


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