Indonesia: authorities cancel the contest to remove the tire from the crocodile neck


Indonesian authorities have canceled the cash reward to anyone who had removed a motorcycle tire attached to a crocodile’s neck and survived. The 13-foot reptile was seen in Palu, the capital of Central Sulawesi, and has had a tire trapped in the neck for quite some time. For several years, local conservation authorities have done their best, but have not been able to find a way to untangle the crocodile.

Authorities had published on offering an unspecified reward for a stranger who could help them remove the tire from the crocodile’s neck. A video also appeared on the Internet where you can see the reptile breathless. The video had raised concern that the tire was choking the beast.

After the most recent sighting of the crocodile, the governor of the province instructed his conservation agency with limited resources to find a way to end years of failure. Therefore, the idea of ​​the contest was born.

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Officially canceled the contest

However, now the environment ministry has said it will redouble efforts to free the reptile from rubber around its neck. The director of the Central Agency of Conservation of Natural Resources of Sulawesi, Hasmuni Hasmar, officially declared the cancellation of the contest.

Previously, the agency had offered few details about the reward, or how some strangers could carry out the task. According to reports, the head of the agency said that the cash for the rescuer will come out of his own pocket. He also issued a warning that they were not calling fans to hunt the reptile, but were looking for people with experience in wildlife rescue and a sense of conservation.

Hasmuni Hasmar, head of the Central Agency for Natural Resources Conservation of Sulawesi, also said officials are asking the general public to stay away from the reptile’s habitat and refrain from disturbing it.

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