Indonesia and France will sign defense cooperation agreement this year – World

Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto held a bilateral meeting with his French counterpart Florence Parly on Monday, while the two countries aim to reach a defense cooperation agreement this year.

Prabowo visited Parly at the French Ministry of Defense in Paris on Monday during which the two ministers discussed the steps to strengthen bilateral defense ties and efforts to help advance the Indonesian defense industry.

“As two strategic partners, Indonesia and France have good defense cooperation. Indonesia wants to continue improving defense cooperation, especially in areas that can improve TNIs. [the Indonesian Military] team and move forward in the Indonesian defense industry, “Prabowo said at the meeting, as quoted in a press release shared by the Indonesian embassy in Paris.

Indonesia’s ambassador to France, Arrmanatha Nasir, said there were many opportunities to increase defense cooperation because the two nations enjoyed good bilateral relations and each had an independent foreign policy.

During Monday’s meeting, according to Arrmanatha, the two ministers agreed to strengthen their defense cooperation in a Defense Cooperation Agreement (DCA), which is expected to be reached this year and serve as a framework for future defense cooperation.

The DCA will cover cooperation in training and education, defense industry development, defense science and technology, intelligence cooperation and the fight against terrorism, as well as collaborations in peacekeeping operations and humanitarian missions during disasters, he said.

In 2017, the two countries signed a letter of intent to increase defense cooperation, including maritime security and maritime cooperation.

Since 2013, Indonesia and France have organized an annual Indonesia-France Defense Dialogue (IFDD), where the two countries discuss training and education, as well as cooperation against terrorism.

“As a country with an advanced defense industry, France can be a strategic partner in Indonesia’s efforts to modernize its weapon defense system and accelerate the development of our national defense industry. This will support efforts to make the industry of National defense is part of the ‘global production chain, “Arrmanatha said.” In this context, our defense minister paid special attention to the development of the defense industry when discussing defense cooperation. “

In Paris, Prabowo also held meetings with defense companies that produce ammunition, fighter jets, ships, radars and avionics systems, and Prabowo expressed hope that the French defense industry can help Indonesia improve its defense capacity by Technology transfers

Prabowo’s visit to France was the first high-level meeting this year, with the two countries celebrating 70 years of diplomatic relations. (dis)


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