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Increase from 3 to 10 years for nine accused of "trafficking in human organs"

From 3 to 10 years for nine who are accused of human trafficking

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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Books – Saber al-Mahlawi:

The Giza Criminal Court, which was held at the fifth meeting on Tuesday, sentenced three suspects to 5 years in prison and imposed a fine of £ 100,000. "The suspects are Ezzat Khalaf, Sharif Abdulla and Ibrahim Abu Daif, for their condemnation in the case known as" trading in human organs "The Tiger.

The court also sentenced Akram al-Masri and Sahar Abu al-Khair to three years in prison and imposed a £ 100,000 fine and sentenced them to 10 years in prison and the same fine for four defendants: Essam Kamal, Walid Yusri, Abdullah Ibrahim and Abdel Nasser al-Shimi. Confiscation of attacks.

The decision was taken under the chairmanship of the adviser, Mr Al-Badawi Abu Al-Qasim, and the membership of advisers Abdul Moneim Abdul Sattar, Mohammed Ahmed Al-Jundi, and the secretariat of Mr Farid and Sayed Najah.

The accused were accused of being part of an organized criminal group for trafficking, focused on the transfer and transplantation of human organs and committed the victim's receiving behavior, Mohammed Kamal, by exploiting his financial need; Reformer "of Saudi nationality, in violation of medical rules and possessions and in other licensed establishments.

The defendant said that the fourth and fifth defendants had participated in the agreement and had helped the accused from first to third in committing the crime by committing the crime and contributing to the transplantation and kidney transplantation they had set for the victim. One of them was a chemist, and the other two technicians, who were involved in the agreement and the help of the accused from the first to the third, to agree with them and help them to victimize and recruit via an unknown intermediary. And the third accused "maintenance technician" to transfer and instruct these physicians accused of the "locator" for operating and growing the right kidney of the foreign patient.

The Ninth accused participated with the accused from the first to the third, to agree with them to carry out the transfer of organs through the allocation of the medical center to carry out transplants and kidney transplants, despite the lack of conditions of technical and medical authority, to execute the process and not be under the licensed facilities Transplant or performing any kind of surgery, according to the order for reference.


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