Increase by 2030: Alliance requires two million social housing units


Given the decreasing number of social housing, an alliance requires considerably more money for social housing. The stock must be increased to at least two million by 2030.

Various associations call for greater involvement of the government in the construction of social housing. According to a study, the minimum target should be an increase in the stock of around two million such homes. This resulted in an analysis made by the Pestel research institute for the "social life" alliance.

At the end of 2019, the research institute estimates the stock at 1.13 million social housing units. Each year, according to the authors, 74,000 houses are covered by social bonds – so by 2030, 155,000 new social homes must be created each year. "Of which 80,000 through new construction and 75,000 through the promotion of modernization and the purchase of documentary rights to the inventory," the study says. Such support will subsidize homeowners for part of the loan used for modernization as they create social housing.

Customers of the study "Acute plan for social and affordable housing in Germany" were the Federal Association of German Building Materials Trade, Caritas, the German Tenants Association, the trade union IG BAU and the German Association for Masonry and Housing.

Need for rental apartments

"Of all rental apartments, only 5.4 percent are social housing units," says Robert Feiger, head of IG BAU. "In cities, 40 to 50 percent of households are theoretically entitled to social housing." According to the study, 27,000 social rental homes were recently built. 20,000 extra apartments were won by the modernization promotion. "In total, about 500,000 more apartments have been relegated from the social housing stock since 2011 than there were new ones," the study authors said.

If the target had been achieved, the stock of social housing from 2007 would have been restored by 2030, the study says. Tenants' association Lukas Siebenkotten assumes that federal and national governments need around € 6.3 billion to reach the target of two million social housing units.

The ARD morning magazine reported on this subject on August 22, 2019 at 05:38 and 06:39.